Lil Wayne’s ‘No Ceilings 2’ Free Download A Success, But Sued Over Trukfit

Lil Wayne promised fans he’d have something juicy for Thanksgiving, and he definitely delivered with his new mixtape, No Ceilings 2.

In addition, after a period of headline hardship, things for Lil Wayne are looking up. This is especially good news for Lil Wayne well-wishers and fans since his home was recently raided by Miami police over an unpaid private jet bill. Lil Wayne has also been getting some justice after an attempt on his life in Atlanta.

On top of releasing his No Ceilings 2 mixtape on Thanksgiving, Lil Wayne has revamped his Trukfit merchandise line. Sadly, it appears that Lil Wayne is not out of the woods with bad luck yet — and there appears to be another lawsuit.

Lil Wayne started putting out fires this week by announcing that he’d place his private skatepark up for collateral in order to pay the Signature Group for a debt he racked up for private jet service. BET reported on November 23 that Lil Wayne took out a loan for $1.5 million in order to pay off Signature. This means that there is a chance that Lil Wayne might get back the artwork he lost in the police raid.

Part of the reason that Lil Wayne may have been cash poor in the first place is because of his lawsuit with Cash Money and Birdman. Adding to this, the stress of touring and releasing new music may have delayed Lil Wayne’s ability to put out new merchandise.

To ameliorate this matter (and perhaps generate some much needed cash flow), Lil Wayne released new styles through his Trukfit line. According to WWD, Lil Wayne rebranded Trukfit this time around with the help of a new creative director named Kevin Leong, formerly of Baby Phat.

Lil Wayne's Trukfit merchandise was directed by Kevin Leong.
Lil Wayne's Trukfit merchandise line was revamped by Kevin Leong of Baby Phat fame. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Hamptons Magazine)

Unfortunately, Lil Wayne was not allowed to get through one single project without a lawsuit appearing. TMZ reports on November 26 that Lil Wayne is possibly getting sued by a model that says he represents “misogyny.”

When Lil Wayne released new Trukfit T-shirts, one showed an image of a woman named Shanise Taylor. According to Shanise Taylor, she never signed off for a photo shoot for Lil Wayne — and they photoshopped her image to look like she has no panties on.

Instead, Shanise Taylor says she posed for a photoshoot in 2011 — but never heard back from the photographer about whether the photos were used.

However, there are silver linings in other areas of Lil Wayne’s headline drama. For example, the person that attempted to murder Lil Wayne in April received a 20-year sentence. According to Rolling Stone, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey answered to over 30 charges related to the drive-by shooting aimed at Lil Wayne.

In other good news, the headlines continue in an incident where a music promoter falsely stated that Lil Wayne would be at an Alabama State University homecoming event.

The Music Times now reports that Lil Wayne’s manager, Cortez Brown, was furious about the incident and stated, “I’m now in contact with Alabama State University and will do everything in my power to work with them to persecute whoever was behind this. It’s not fair to the college students.”

Despite having the kind of drama that goes along with being a music celebrity, Lil Wayne does not appear to be held back. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne dropped the No Ceilings 2 mixtape that he stated on November 3 on Twitter that he would be releasing around Thanksgiving weekend.

Lil Wayne's
Mack Maine (third from left) is Lil Wayne's long-time friend as well as Young Money's president. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for BMI)

Right on time, there are rappers with something mysterious to say about Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings 2 release. In this case, Hip Hop DX says Young Money president Mack Maine fired warning shots on Twitter when Charlamagne tweeted negatively about Lil Wayne’s release of the No Ceilings 2 mixtape. In the end, Charlamagne felt people were getting too touchy about musical preferences.

To download or listen to the new Lil Wayne No Ceilings 2 mixtape, it can be accessed at the (non-affiliated) Lil Wayne fan website, Lil Wayne HQ.

[Picture by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]