Jessa Duggar Grateful For ‘Forgiveness Extended To All Of Us’ Including Josh Duggar, Shares Adorable Thanksgiving Baby Photos [Video]

Jessa Duggar shared adorable photos of her newborn son over Thanksgiving — and told fans just what she’s thankful for. Jessa, who became a mother just this month, also shared a rare photo of Meredith Grace, the daughter of her disgraced brother, Josh Duggar.

In the photo Jessa posted on Instagram, Meredith wears a giant pink bow headband in her hair and sleeps peacefully with a red polka-dot pacifier in her mouth, reports Us Magazine. Josh and Anna Duggar have not been sharing many photos of their family since Josh went into rehab for sex addiction in October and admitted to cheating on his wife.

Jessa Duggar captioned the sweet photo with emojis and the hashtag #MeredithGrace.


In their new TLC three-part reality show Jill & Jessa: Counting On, the Duggar family breaks their silence about Josh and his fall from public grace. Previews for the show have been viewed over 260,000 times on YouTube, and in the previews, viewers get a first glimpse of how Jessa, Jill, and Anna are coping after reports surfaced that Josh molested five teenage girls, two of whom were his sisters, Jessa and Jill.

When the news broke that Josh molested Jill and Jessa Duggar, Anna broke her silence, informing fans that she knew all about his past, but Duggar had sought redemption and asked for forgiveness. Although fans did not understand Anna’s decision, she stood fast in her marriage to Josh Duggar.

After reports surfaced that Josh had been unfaithful to Anna, Jill and Jessa said their first thoughts were about Anna and her happiness.


In a Jill & Jessa: Counting On preview clip, Anna Duggar discusses Josh and his infidelity, telling viewers it was “heartbreaking to hear what had happened” as her eyes become wet with tears. In the clip, Anna then stares dejectedly off-camera and whispers “yeah,” reports Us.

After the news broke that Josh molested Jessa and Jill and was unfaithful to his wife, TLC promptly cancelled 19 Kids and Counting. Jill & Jessa: Counting On is largely seen as a way for TLC to continue capitalizing on the Duggar family, which made the network millions each episode.

Josh now faces a $500,000 lawsuit from adult film star Danica Dillon, who claims that although she had consensual sex with Josh, it was so rough she felt like she was being raped. The lawsuit is just the latest Duggar scandal.

Despite the Duggar family backlash, Jessa posted on Instagram that she has much to be thankful for — including her new son, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald, reports the Daily Mail. In a second Instagram snap, Jessa shared a photo of the adorable sleeping infant while wearing a striped outfit.


In the caption, Jessa tells fans that this Thanksgiving, “one of the things we are grateful for is our precious little son, Spurgeon Elliot.” The conservative Christian also revealed that “[k]nowing how much we love our son already only amazes us all the more that God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ to redeem mankind.”

Jessa continued, confessing that she was thankful for the “forgiveness extended to all of us,” possibly referring to Josh and his myriad of scandals. Jessa Duggar also told fans that “[c]hildren are a blessing from the Lord,” and “[a]s we are embarking on this journey of parenthood, we appreciate all of your prayers.”

After Spurgeon was born, Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, took to Instagram to share how the baby received his unusual name. According to Ben, the baby was named after Charles Spurgeon, a 19th-century Christian preacher who had “a big impact on our lives.”

Jill & Jessa: Counting On premieres December 13 at 8 p.m. Eastern on TLC.

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