Fake Video? Woman Steals From Child On Black Friday: ‘Why Are You Being So Aggressive?’ [Video]

Black Friday videos being uploaded to YouTube that show shoppers behaving badly. One video, named “Lady steals from kid. Black Friday 2015,” already has nearly 70,000 views since being uploaded on November 26; however, folks are wondering if the video is real or fake.

The YouTube video’s description claims that it was filmed by an employee at a store in Saginaw, presumably in Michigan, although the state is not listed. The employee at the unnamed store claims he or she is posting the video anonymously because they don’t want to be fired. As reported by Heavy, the incident occurred at a Walmart store, but the publication reports the questions over whether the video is indeed fake or real.

“Im posting anonymous because I don want 2b fired, but I work at this store in saginaw and this lady stole a veggie steamer from a KID on black friday! Shame.”

Commenters point out the fact that the woman snatches the veggie steamer from a child while there are still other veggie steamers on the floor. Also, what kind of people fight tooth and nail over veggie steamers? Lastly, the woman and child appear to already have their veggie steamers in hand when the crowd rushes to get their own veggie steamers. All these facts point to the fake feeling of the video, along with the woman loudly yelling, “Why are you being so aggressive? You’re scaring me!”

Whether real or fake, the footage is making the rounds across social media as people offer their outrage or other opinions of the Black Friday video. Certain folks are already attributing this to a fake routine created by Jimmy Kimmel, since the late night talk show host is known for creating fake videos that have gone viral.

“Can’t wait for the Jimmy Kimmel monologue. ‘It’s the viral video that hardly anybody has watched. Haha, we fooled you guys again! Just don’t read the comments. Trust us, youtube was fooled…. don’t scroll. STOP! STOP SCROLLING! NOOOO WE FOOLED THEM I SUPER PROMISE!’”

Other theories point to certain particulars within the video that peg it as a fake.

“100% staged. -Thief enters from right side of frame while everyone else comes in form the left. -Thief takes box from kid despite boxes littered across the floor. -Set speed to 0.25 and watch from the beginning. The woman and kid are visible at the top of the frame, boxes already in hand.”

“Look at the start of the video: the mom and child are already in place holding the products.”

“Why didn’t she just pick one up from the floor? There were a lot of them.”

“Staged to h***. Giving this channel views and the hopes that they can sell this video for profit to media outlets.”

Among the most popular videos related to Black Friday recently uploaded to YouTube, the “lady steals from kid” video is growing in views in leaps and bounds with over 70,000 views. However, those pegging it as a fake video might be correct.

All the other factors, such as the available veggie steamers on the floor, and the fact that the mother and child already have their veggie steamers in their hands at the beginning of the video point to it being a staged video. Whether Kimmel is behind the video or not remains to be seen. The outrage of a woman blatantly stealing from a child would be the stuff of viral videos, and someone like Kimmel and his creative team would likely make such a video about veggie steamers, knowing it would likely become popular pretty quickly.

[Image Pavel L Photo and Video / Shutterstock.com]