Mississippi Man Stabs Parents On Thanksgiving Eve Because They Didn’t Order Him Fast Food

A Mississippi man has been charged with murder in Louisiana after he stabbed his parents on Thanksgiving Eve because they ordered fast food and didn’t get any for him, according to Fox News. The mother has survived the knife attack, but the father succumbed to his injuries.

As a result of the surreal attack, Ronald Pritchett, 32, now faces charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder, said Col. John Fortunato, a spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office.

The incident took place at Pritchett’s parents home in the New Orleans suburb in Louisiana Wednesday night after a fight broke over food, according to the statement released by the police. The Mississippi man was visiting his parents for Thanksgiving, said the other family members who have not yet been identified, when he felt angry after his parents allegedly failed to order him some fast food.

“They ordered food from a fast food restaurant and didn’t include him,” Fortunato revealed in an email.


According to Pix 11, the raging Mississippi man then grabbed a knife and went upstairs where his parents stayed. The parents, sensing something was wrong, had locked their bedroom door against him, but he allegedly kicked it open and launched into a frenzied knife attack. Both parents were stabbed several times with the knife, with father Percival Pritchett being stabbed in the chest, while his wife, Renitta Pritchett, was attacked in the head, Fortunato said.

Immediately after the stabbing, the Mississippi man jumped into his father’s car and took off from the home, police said.

Neighbors testified to Ronald Pritchett visiting his parents for Thanksgiving and called him “mentally unstable.”

NBC News reports that police found Pritchett’s father in the upstairs bedroom with multiple stab wounds to his chest. He was taken to the nearby University Medical Center but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Renitta Pritchett suffered non-life threatening injuries but spent her Thanksgiving in the hospital.

The police said that they had been trying to locate Ronald Pritchett ever since the incident took place on Thanksgiving Eve. Deputies had been sent to check several relatives’ homes, both in Louisiana and Mississippi, before the police finally nabbed him at a relative’s home near the town of Purvis, Mississippi.

According to the statement released by the police, the Mississippi man was located after the police discovered Percival Pritchett’s tan Chevrolet Suburban at a house where detectives were told Ronald Pritchett could be hiding.

Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel said Ronald Pritchett and refused to come out of the house, so the police sent a dog in. The Mississippi man was treated for minor bites before being booked as a fugitive into the Lamar County jail. He has since been waived extradition to Louisiana, said Rigel.

Ronald Pritchett
Ronald Pritchett (Photo: Lamar County Sheriff's Department)

According to NOLA, neighbors saw Renitta Prichett covered in blood and running out into the street after the incident on Thanksgiving Eve. Expressing their shock, they said they could not believe somebody would kill their parents over something as trivial as food. Shannon Alexander, who claimed to know the Mississippi man’s father well, said Percival Pritchett was just two years away from retirement from his job at Home Depot and described him as a “comedian out of this world.”

“He will holler at you, joke with you, wave at you… I’ll be coming out of my driveway and he’ll say ‘Hey, I see you! You better cut your grass!’ he said. ‘We would laugh and joke, and talk about our wives.”

Alexander also claimed that Percival Pritchett had shared some secrets about his son with him.

“[Percival] always talked how he [Ronald] was dealing with issues, taking his meds. He was functional, but without his meds he wasn’t functional,” he said.

The Mississippi man may now face a lifelong prison term if the charges against him are proved in court.

[Image via Lamar County Sheriff’s Department]