Fredrik Eklund On Scary Plane Ride: ‘I Really Thought ‘This Is It’

Fredrik Eklund is the master of planning weekend retreats with her husband, Derek Kaplan, and this Thanksgiving weekend was no exception. He whisked his husband away for a Thanksgiving weekend in paradise and he was eagerly sharing the pictures on Instagram. But, there was something very different about this trip.

It is no secret that Fredrik Eklund has had a tough year. Earlier this year, he announced that he was going to be a father and he later revealed that he was expecting twins. Shortly after, he announced that they had lost the twins. He was seemingly devastated and truly didn’t seem to know how to get back on track. However, Fredrik Eklund was still determined to be a father. And that determination may have played a big role in this weekend’s events.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is revealing that he had a scary incident this week as he flew to his vacation destination. The plane had scary amounts of turbulence and for a moment, Eklund thought that this would be his last plane trip. Luckily, the couple arrived safely, but the trip reportedly made Eklund think about the twins.

“The plane went through some really evil turbulence on the way here. People were screaming, kids crying, bags fell, glasses crashed. Have you ever seen a flight attendant run through the aisle and throw himself down into a seat? Anyway, Fredzilla has been called a drama queen before, but I cried. I must have been on over a thousand flights in my life, but this was the scariest, I’m telling you. I really thought, ‘this is it.’ I cried because I don’t want it to end, I still have so much to see and people to love, ‘I want kids’ I kept repeating. I saw Derek closing his eyes too, jaws clenched, I squeezed his knee hard,” Fredrik Eklund revealed in his emotional Instagram post.

After arriving, Eklund took a walk on the beach and met a local, who helped him take some photos.

“Anyway, the point of the story is of course we made it (JetBlue, you might want to send us some drink vouchers, okay?), and here I am walking alone on the most beautiful beach. I met a local boy named Pepe to take this photo, he says hi to y’all. I’m so thankful. I’m alive. I’m breathing. I will continue. And from my lips to God’s ears: I will be a father. Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all of you and your families out there from FreDerek,” Eklund wrapped up his lengthy Instagram post.

Of course, Fredrik Eklund is busy filming another season of Million Dollar Listing: New York and this season in particular may be an emotional one for him. It is during this season that he will deal with the loss of the twins, the two children he was so excited about. Plus, his past as a porn star may also surface, as he does speak more openly about it now. Ryan Serhant once tried to use it against him to embarrass him in front of all his clients and brokers.

“I’ve always been open about it. I wrote a book about it in Sweden, and it’s part of who I am. I never try to hide it. I’ve always been very neutral to it. I can laugh at myself for doing that,” Fredrik Eklund revealed to the Huffington Post not too long ago. “Has it hurt my business? Never. Going back 13 years ago when I came to New York… [there’s] 32,000 real estate agents. Did it make me more memorable? [People were saying], ‘Oh, that guy is so good and he’s so crazy and used to do porn.’”

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s scary plane ride?

[Image via Instagram]