LSD At Work? Silicone Valley Professionals Claim LSD Helps Productivity, Snoop Dogg Launches Marijuana Lifestyle Website ‘Merry Jane’

Silicone Valley professionals are doing away with the standard long black and Marlboro Light break, instead favoring microdoses of LSD to increase productivity at work, reports the Daily Mail.

Users claim that small LSD doses aid productivity and creative visualisation, thus a microdose of LSD can help rather than hinder the performance of professionals doing certain types of work.


One LSD fan told the Daily Mail that his microdose helps him “feel a little bit of energy lift, a little bit of insight, but not so much that you are tripping.”

The revelation that Silicone Valley workers are using LSD comes at a grave time: Arthur Cave, the 15-year-old son of musician Nick Cave, had reportedly just taken the drug when he fell to his death from a cliff near Brighton.

Motherboard reports that the LSD increased-productivity claims are based on anecdotal evidence only and a scientific trial has yet to be done.


LSD enthusiast and author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide James Fadiman explained it this way: “With microdosing [the idea] is to take roughly a tenth of a normal dose (about 10-20 micrograms) every four days and then go about your business. Done correctly, there are no hallucinations, no traumatic experiences, not even any sluggishness.”

Fadiman draws from his own observations of users when promoting the drug, telling reporters that those who microdose “correctly” have better days, feeling less anxious and thus better able to cope with the trials and anxieties of a contemporary office environment. Fadiman even reports that LSD microdosing can have long-term therapeutic benefits, enabling users to conquer mental hangups and neuroses that have plagued them for a long time.

The general idea is based on the long-held belief that acid can help you work through some mental problems and see the world in a different way. But taking a full dose of a hallucinogen isn’t for everyone—my sole experience with LSD ended with me crying and eating frozen fish off the floor of a Barcelona hostel, among several other harrowing experiences during a high that lasted 14 mostly excruciating hours.


Famous creative LSD users have included Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison and writer Hunter S. Thompson.

LSD is not the only drug enjoying a celebrity push for mainstream approval. Rapper Snoop Dogg has just launched a “marijuana lifestyle website” called Merry Jane, as reported by Time.

Merry Jane is cannabis 2.0. A crossroads of pot culture, business, politics, health. [It will give people] an opportunity to come out of the closet and just admit they like to smoke.

The Thanksgiving-day content for Merry Jane includes an exploration of an early Native American cannabis business, a video instructing users on how to make a cannabis Thanksgiving turkey, and five tips on how to bring up cannabis in a dinner conversation (tip 3: point out that crime and traffic fatalities drop in the US when marijuana is legalized).

MERRY JANE is the definitive cannabis resource on culture, news, video, food and style dedicated to expressing a new cannabis mentality. Through exclusive content and relatable perspectives, MERRY JANE highlights the best of cannabis lifestyle…


CNet found humor in the “lifestyle” vibe of the website, saying Snoop Dogg wants to be “the Martha Stewart of weed”.

Another obvious comparison – and possible Snoop aspiration – is Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who reportedly saw himself as an “agent of social change”, bringing a touch of class and intellectual rigor (remember those”actually pretty good” articles?) to the sexual revolution, making sexiness less “sleazy” and more of a gentlemanly affair – one could stare at naked ladies with a shiny pipe in hand, then turn the page and consider international politics.

The story of Hugh Hefner is the story of America in the midst of a great social and moral transformation–the Sexual Revolution. In the span of a few short decades, America (and much of the Western world) rewrote the entire system of sexual ethics. What had once been condemned was now celebrated, and what was once unmentionable became material for mainstream conversation, entertainment, and debate. Few revolutions have been so comprehensive in scope and reach–from the personal to the political. And Hugh Hefner has been one of the major revolutionaries of our times.

Will Snoop Dogg and the Silicone Valley microdosers take marijuana and LSD mainstream?