Ed Sheeran Drops Thanksgiving Bombshell: ‘We Would Like To Announce Our Engagement’

Ed Sheeran had a busy Thanksgiving.

While you might have been stuffing yourself with that turkey you so meticulously prepared for the family dinner, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer was planning to announce his engagement on his Instagram page — and that too with another man!

And can you guess who the mystery man might be?

Well, it is not a mystery really, and it might not actually even be true. Because the last time fans checked, Ed was still dating a woman!

Ed Sheeran is known for peppering his fans with fun news every now and then on social media, and it seems like he played another one of his classic pranks yesterday when he uploaded a photo holding hands with fellow British crooner James Blunt — his partner in crime — and captioned the photograph with the following words.

“We would like to announce our engagement.”

Ed Sheeran announces engagement on Instagram - with another man.

In the wake of the humorous announcement, rumors about Ed Sheeran having engaged James Blunt have been circulating on the web. But while most media outlets have seen the funny side in it, some believe there could be some credibility to the announcement.

Not surprisingly, then, Ed Sheeran’s fans battled it out on social media, speculating whether there might be any truth in the rumor at all. The ones who believe that something might actually be going on between the two quickly pointed to Sheeran and Blunt’s increasing camaraderie on social media over the last few months, where neither of them have shied away from expressing their love for the other person!

According to Hollywood Life, Ed Sheeran and James Blunt have been in Australia attending the Aria Awards. The photo was snapped on the red carpet of the awards function on November 25. During a repartee that took place onstage, Ed recounted an anecdote from when he was still a teen and a great James Blunt fan.

“I went to one of James’ gigs when I was 14 at the Cambridge Junction, and I stole his bottle of Corona – and there was 20 people in the crowd, and he went on to sell 20 million records, which is alright, isn’t it?”

To which Blunt replied, “That’s where you got the herpes from, mate.”

Laughing, Ed Sheeran added, “It still itches.”

And while it seems probable that the two singers shared the picture online just for a laugh, some fans have taken warmly to Ed’s announcement.

One fan wrote, “James blunt and Ed Sheeran same room… Holding hands… It’s like a dream. This only happens in dreams.”

While another tweeted, “If this is true I would be crying…I want to marry him!”

Outside of social media, however, Ed Sheeran is currently dating Cherry Seaborn, his longtime friend and a star hockey player for England’s junior team. The couple attended the Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, Suffolk, together and have known each other for a number of years, according to the Mirror. Earlier in August, Ed was spotted several times with Cherry in New York City, where she attends Duke University.

The couple are believed to have been dating since September this year, almost six months after the “Thinking Out Loud” singer parted ways with Athina Andrelos.

So what do you think Ed Sheeran really meant when he posted the photo? Sound off in the comments section.

[Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]