MechWarrior Online Founder’s Program Launched, Offers Early Access

For those of you who are looking to get access to MechWarrior Online as soon as possible, you may want to turn your attention to the just-launched “Founder’s Program” packages.

If you’re willing to drop a little (or a lot) of cash, you’ll be able to score yourself early access to MechWarrior Online by purchasing one of three tiers from the Founder’s Program, all three of which net you additional bonuses.

If you just want early access and not much beyond that, you can throw down $30 for the “Veteran” tier, which grants you early access and $40 worth of in-game currency, as well as one month of “Premium Account” status.

If you’re willing to pay up to $60, you’ll get an additional month of Premium Account status, $80 worth of in-game currency, and your choice of one of four exclusive “Founder” mechs. And, of course, early access to MechWarrior Online.

For the hardcore among you, there’s a final tier that will set you back $120. The Legendary package, as it’s called, gives you three months of Premium Account status, $80 worth of in-game currency, all four exclusive Founder’s mechs, and a shout out it in the game’s credits.

Sadly, that early access won’t begin immediately. According to the website, the early access kicks off on August 7, so you’ll have to do a bit of waiting before you can dive in. Still, if you’re interested you can head over to the link above.

Are you excited for MechWarrior Online?