Tony Romo Replacement Not Needed For Dallas Cowboys

A Tony Romo replacement is not needed, even though the Dallas Cowboys star quarterback will be out for the rest of the season, according to a report from Sports Illustrated.

If you’re fan of the Cowboys and you watched the Thanksgiving Day game against the Carolina Panthers, then you are one of the millions of people who nervously held their breath for a couple of minutes there late in the third quarter. Romo was sacked by Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis. There were fears that he might have injured his collarbone again. The fear became a reality when Romo had to leave the game and was replaced by backup Matt Cassel.

Cowboys fans have grown accustomed to seeing players trying to replace Romo as the starting quarterback in Dallas. Just this year alone, they had to witness two players trying to fill those big shoes. First, Brandon Weeden was thrown into the fire, and he showed that he was not capable of moving the ball on offense. Then, Cassell, whom the Cowboys gave up a fifth round NFL draft pick to acquire, was given a chance, but he failed to win a single game.

Tim Tebow Though not a realistic Tony Romo replacement, Tim Tebow always gets his name brought up by fans whenever there is a quarterback opening in the NFL. [ Photo by Rich Schultz / Getty Images ]Tony Romo Replacements

As is usually the case when a starting quarterback in the NFL goes down with an injury that will require an extended amount of time on the sidelines, various names get thrown out into the mix. That happens even more so when a popular team like the Cowboys is involved. Part of that is because people are under the assumption that Jerry Jones is that obsessed with winning games that he will bring anyone in. Another part is fans grasping to save the season.

Already, some interesting names have been mentioned as a possible quarterback acquisition for Dallas. Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel have already seen their names thrown into the hat, even though it is highly unlikely that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is going to want to bring even more of a media circus to town than it already is. The team has been under the spotlight rather frequently this season due to the antics of troubled defensive end Greg Hardy, who has knack for creating headline

Matt Cassel A Tony Romo replacement is not necessary because Matt Cassel can lead the Dallas Cowboys through the end of the season. [ Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images ]No Replacement For Tony Romo

While it is amusing to fantasize about a quarterback replacement that can come in and win the remaining five games for the Cowboys so that they can end up with an 8-8 record and a chance at making the playoffs, doing such a thing is futile because it is unlikely to happen. Jones is unlikely to publicly admit that the season is over, but deep down, he has to know that the cards are extremely stacked against Dallas right now. The best bet is to just finish out the season.

With that being said, Cassel is the most likely option as the replacement. Not only is he already under contract and already knows the playbook more than an outsider would, the 33-year-old California native is the mature veteran player that can guide them through the final games without embarrassing themselves too much. As far as the backup quarterback position is concerned, Dallas could simply opt to bring up Kellen Moore from the practice squad and give him some experience.

The Cowboys have a big void now that Romo is out, but no replacement is needed because of where they are in the season.

[Featured Photo by Tom Penington/Getty Images]