Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo's Latest Injury Already Starting Tim Tebow Talk

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys have been pretty well aware for a while now that the playoffs don't appear to be in the cards this season. Tony Romo's second left clavicle injury of the season has put an end to his time on the field in 2015, and any hope of the postseason. It's also started a lot of rumors already and one of them is bringing in Tim Tebow.

After getting sacked at the end of the third quarter in the Thanksgiving Day game with the Carolina Panthers, Romo lay motionless on the field. He was taken back for X-rays on his left collarbone, which ended up being inconclusive. More tests are planned for Fridays, but the team did say he is indeed "done for the season," per ESPN.

Obviously, Romo was disappointed.

"Going to the ground you could hear something happen. You're just disappointed and feel like I don't know what is going to happen. We'll see [Friday]."
After already missing seven games earlier this season with a broken left clavicle, he did not have surgery as it would not have sped up the healing process. He returned just a week ago in a win over the Miami Dolphins, but has officially been shut down for the season.

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[Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images]Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said that they did not rush Romo back to the field and had no intention of letting him play before it was time.
"We wouldn't let Tony play if he wasn't ready to play physically. There is no evidence we brought him back too soon. We'll look at what the tests say [Friday], and we'll make the evaluation going forward."
Now, Matt Cassel is back in as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, and likely to stay there for the remainder of the season. Brandon Weeden, who took over for Romo after he was injured earlier in the season, has already been waived.

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[Image by Matt Stone/Getty Images]Backing up Cassel will be Kellen Moore, but it's possible that the Cowboys will go out and pick up another veteran quarterback to sign for the last five games. After 2015 is over, there are likely to be a lot of quarterbacks on the free agent market, and Dallas may start looking elsewhere.

With Romo getting up there in age and the injuries piling up, the Cowboys will need to either draft a quarterback in 2016 or pick up a free agent. Names like Johnny Manziel, Colin Kaepernick, and Robert Griffin III may all be possible options come March.

For now, the Cowboys may want to draw some interest in the team, since fans may start falling off with the win-loss record and second loss of Romo. That's where the name of Tim Tebow has started coming up yet again already.

Yes, other teams do continue to keep looking at Tim Tebow and as Philly.com is reporting, the Eagles are one of them.

All over social media, Eagles' fans are clamoring for Chip Kelly to bring back Tim Tebow and if Jerry Jones is going to even think about it, he may want to sign him soon. Tebow may not be the quarterback answer of the future, but he causes a lot of talk and could probably be signed at a deal.

It's no guarantee that the Dallas Cowboys will sign Tim Tebow to come in as a starting quarterback or even a second or third string. Right now, the season is essentially over and Tony Romo's second collarbone injury sealed that. Jerry Jones may want a little something to talk about though, and Tebow could be just that.

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