Dallas Cowboys News: Tony Romo Leaves Thanksgiving Day Game With Apparent Shoulder Injury

Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo returned last week after being out for weeks due to injury, and played a good game against the Miami Dolphins which resulted in a win. Just minutes ago, he was sacked by the Carolina Panthers and left the game with an apparent left shoulder injury.

At the end of the third quarter of the Cowboys’ annual Thanksgiving Day game, Romo was sacked by two Panthers and hit the field hard.

The Cowboys’ quarterback laid there in pain and wasn’t moving as trainers ran out to check on him and the camera caught his wife in the stands, with her head in her hands.

Image via Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Romo’s left arm stayed low at his side as he gripped at his shoulder.

The announcers checked with CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson to see if she had any kind of update on Romo and his status. She has spoken with officials for the Dallas Cowboys and learned a little bit of information.

“Tony Romo is in the locker room getting X-rays for that left shoulder. No word if he broke it, but he is out for the game.”

Tony Romo’s name immediately began trending on Twitter, and word started getting out.

There is still no official word from the Cowboys as of the middle of the fourth quarter, but Matt Cassel is in the game for Romo. It did not look good as the Cowboys’ starter walked to the locker room and didn’t even slightly move his left arm or shoulder at all.

As ESPN reported, Romo’s first half against the Panthers could not have been worse as he was intercepted three times by the Panthers. Two of those picks were returned for touchdowns and kept putting the Cowboys in a deeper and deeper hole.

At halftime, the game already seemed out of reach by the time Romo’s injury happened, but now it’s just totally unthinkable that a comeback will happen.

SB Nation talked about Romo‘s most recent injury and brought up how he just came back from what is possibly the exact same injury. In the second game of the season, Romo broke his left clavicle and was place on injured reserve – designated to return.

He was just able to start practicing again at the beginning of November. His first time eligible to return in a game was against the Dolphins last week, and he came back to break the Cowboys losing streak that had been in place since he went out.

The Panthers were up 30-6 when he was sacked and taken out of the game so it would have been hard for the Cowboys to come back at all.

Brandon Weeden originally took Romo’s starting spot when he was injured earlier this season. After three straight losses, Cassel took over and Weeden was eventually waived by the team. When Romo returned, it was believed that the Cowboys could salvage some part of the season.

Now, Romo may end up being gone for the season. Even if X-rays come back negative, the Cowboys may not want to risk him against this year, especially considering the season is a bit of a lost cause.

The Dallas Cowboys have not had a good 2015 season, and Tony Romo’s second injury is just the icing on the bad cake. Everyone is hoping that it isn’t serious again and that it is only a strain or bruise, but it didn’t look good as he left the field.

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