‘Deadpool’ Movie Cast: Morena Baccarin Plays Major Role, But With No Mutant Powers?

The Deadpool movie cast has been known for a while now. However, one member has revealed she has a larger role than we may have thought.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

Morena Baccarin, who plays Copycat, is supposedly almost a “Bond girl” to Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. Morena recently revealed that her role will be even more important to the movie than simply the typical eye candy. Apparently, she will be fighting alongside Deadpool at times.

In an interview with Collider, Baccarin said that the relationship between Vanessa Carlisle and Wade Wilson starts out strange, not your typical romance novel kind of story. She begins as a prostitute who picks up Wade and falls in love with him. Her role in the Deadpool movie cast ends up being almost the opposite of the usual Hollywood leading lady.

“So, there’s their meeting point, which is, I guess the backstory on the characters and how they first get together. And then you see this sort of passage of time through this really funny sex montage where you see us, like, having sex throughout the holidays. It was one of my favorite things to shoot, even though it sucks being naked all the time. And then you see Wade start to get sick and he gets cancer, and then their relationship becomes all about trying to save him and he, of course, wants to, sort of, send her away so she doesn’t experience that with him. [He] finds a way to push her away, disappears, and then we cut to eight years later.”

We may have seen evidence of this in the official trailers, where Wade gives Vanessa a snarky reply to her optimism, “You’re right. The cancer’s only in my liver, lungs, prostate, and brain; all things I can live without.”

Morena also said that she’s one of those active Deadpool movie cast members, not the kind to wait for the hero to save her. She doesn’t get concerned with looking her best, with her nails and hair perfectly done all the time. Copycat will be in on the action for most of the film, proving that even though she’s basically obsessed with Wade, she is ready to back it up with fisticuffs. Baccarin summed it up almost in character, “I can take care of myself, and if you think I’m just gonna sit here and scream so you can come and rescue me, you’re wrong.”

The problem with this member of the Deadpool movie cast is that Morena Baccarin says her character doesn’t have powers in the movie, according to Ace Show Biz. In the comics, Copycat is able to morph into any person she wants, and often does just to get Deadpool back. She’s even capable of emulating other characters’ powers, according to the Deadpool Wiki. Taking her powers of shape-shifting away almost eliminates what makes Copycat who she is.

In the comics at one point, Copycat even morphed into a different attractive woman every day to make Wade feel like he was suddenly lucky with women. In the end he figured out they were all Copycat. This aspect of a major character in the Deadpool movie cast could be almost as upsetting as what they did to Deadpool himself in the Wolverine origins film.

In that film, they sewed his mouth shut and gave him arm blades and eye lasers, basically turning him into something nearly unrecognizable. It could be that Copycat might learn her shape-shifting powers in a later film if the first one is good enough to warrant a sequel. Though according to X-Men film lore, mutants discover their powers in their teens, and as a prostitute, that should have happened at least a few years ago.

What do you think of this revelation about the Deadpool movie cast?

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