WWE News: Updates On The Rock And Stone Cold Steve Austin Not Appearing At ‘WrestleMania 32’

When one thinks of the Attitude Era, they think of Triple H, Degeneration-X, Shawn Michaels, Kane, the Undertaker, Mick Foley, and Vince McMahon. Each person there is, or will be, in the WWE Hall of Fame. Right now, Foley and Michaels are two who have entered the WWE’s esteemed hall, with the others right behind them. In the WWE, two men outshine nearly everybody on this list.

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are two of the WWE’s biggest stars. That’s not even a justifiable statement. Rock and Stone Cold are two of the largest stars in pro wrestling history. If anybody had to begin a roster with five men, Austin and Rock should remain on the list. It’s a common theme to idolize WWE superstars, at least for the fans. In the Attitude Era, Rock and Austin were those men.

Like any other fan, they want to see their heroes come back in the ring. Austin’s been declining a return match, but that’ll come later on in this story. As for the Rock, he did make a return and appeared at five straight WrestleManias. He was the host of WrestleMania 27 and wrestled at 28 and 29. Then, for 30, Rock showed up in the opening segment with Hogan and Austin.

Last year at 31, Rock and Ronda Rousey confronted the Authority in a highly-entertaining segment. In the late summer, WWE fans usually find out about WrestleMania plans. For those who want to see the Rock and Stone Cold, PWInsider and Top Rope Press aren’t reporting those plans by the WWE.

“Also, with word that The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin will not be in action at Mania for various reasons, and top stars such as Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Cesaro being on the shelf with injuries, the big names that WWE normally depends on during WrestleMania season are scarce.”

To make matters worse, Austin commented on his WrestleMania status once again.

“I think 99.9 percent I’ve had my last match. If I felt froggy and wanted to jump for any particular reason, just because I said right now I have the fever for it, I’d like to do it. But for all practical, intrinsic, whatever kind of purposes, I’m done. Again, if I felt like it, could I? Yeah. Would I? In a dream world. possibly. I’m not trying to promote a match and pretty much I am done. I would always reserve the option.

“I considered it for just a brief moment but again, just like I tell everybody, what’s on the backside of a match like that, you know? I got out of the business when I got out. The hunger was out of my system. It’s almost like getting off an addiction. I’m not addicted to wrestling anymore. For a long time I was. So what’s on the backside of that match for me? A whole lot of nothing. So it would be a lot of buildup and, to me, it would be almost anti-climactic.”

That was during an interview with Brian Fritz on Fox Sports. The WWE’s declining ratings need somebody like Austin to help boost them up. They shouldn’t rely on part-time stars to help with the ratings, but the Rock was a semi-regular WWE superstar that helped push John Cena in a new direction.

While the WWE recovers from injury, bringing in Stone Cold and the Rock for part-time work isn’t a bad idea. Despite their non-involvement with WrestleMania 32, using them for behind-the-scenes work is wise. They could come up with anything better than what’s being produced right now.

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