Louis Tomlinson: Is ‘Home’ The One Direction Star’s Coming Out Song

For years, rumors have circulated that One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are a couple. As was recently reported by the Inquisitr, rumors about Louis and Harry took hold when the boys shared an apartment shortly after One Direction won a host of followers after their appearance on the 2010 season of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. Louis and Harry were thought to be especially close, and many fans formed the belief that the boys had hooked up romantically. As time has progressed, the idea that Tomlinson and Styles are a couple has strengthened.

A large group of One Direction fans, who call themselves “Larry Shippers,” dubbed Louis and Harry “Larry Stylinson.” Shippers keep a close eye out for anything that backs up the theory that Styles and Tomlinson are a couple. According to Movie News Guide, Shippers’ excitement increased during the U.K. leg of One Direction’s “On the Road Again” tour. The reason for the excitement was the reappearance of the infamous “Rainbow Bondage Bear.”

During some of the U.K. shows, the bondage bear had acquired a mate, and the bears, which are believed to be dressed by Louis and Harry, were placed on stage in wedding dresses. Both bears wore mustaches and a picture of gay comedy icon Larry Grayson, with a handwritten note reading “love Larry,” was placed in front of them. Many fans believed that this was a clear reference to Louis and Harry’s relationship.

Of course, it may be that Tomlinson and Styles are simply having a private joke at the expense of the Shippers, but many believed that Louis and Harry were about to “come out” of the closet.

Realty Today reported that earlier in the tour, Harry had been spotted waving a banner with the legend “Always in My Heart” on it. This refers to an infamous message on Twitter from 2011 where Louis tweeted Harry a message with those words.

Unreality TV made much of the fact that during a show, Louis inflated a balloon that Harry stuffed under his shirt and made like he was pregnant. Fans flooded social media with the hashtag #LarryIsComingBack as a result.

Many members of the One Direction fandom are now pointing to the recently released song “Home” from the Perfect EP as further evidence of Louis and Harry’s relationship.

The song was written by Louis, and fans believe that this is Tomlinson’s way of coming out. The song lyrics have Harry and Louis in a call and response where Harry sings the verse and Louis the response.

“I was stumbling, looking in the dark, With an empty heart, But you say you feel the same, Could we ever be enough?”

The band sings the chorus before Louis replies “I’ll make this feel like home.” People reported that Tomlinson has confirmed that the songs on the new One Direction album, Made in the A.M., are the most personal that they have ever written. Louis stated that the song “History” was “quite personal,” as it charted One Direction’s history with their dedicated fans.


Liam Payne is quoted as saying that “Home” was the song that really struck a chord with him. He refused to say why but stated that Tomlinson “really tapped into his emotional side” when he wrote it. Liam was full of praise for Louis’ songwriting and was quick to acknowledge that Louis has had a tough year.

“Having seen different things he’s gone through and different stuff this year – and obviously I’ve written a lot of songs with him – he can really get into that sensitive mindset to write songs, which is pretty cool.”

It is impossible to know whether or not Tomlinson and Styles are in a relationship. Rarely a day goes by without Harry being linked with a beautiful woman, and Louis has not long split with long-time girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Despite this, the Shippers are adamant that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are much more than just good friends.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]