#ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies Gains Momentum On Social Media

Of course, everyone knows that different ethnicities, cultures, and even regions in the United States have their own traditions, which include many things, not just food and Thanksgiving. However, Thanksgiving is the one holiday where food is the most highlighted event — besides spending time with family. In the south, it’s quite common to see a fried turkey (and other places as well). Sauerkraut is a staple in many communities that were originally settled by German immigrants, and some people might not even realize why it shows up at their Thanksgiving table each year.

Most of the time, cultural differences serve as an opportunity to educate and share information. However, within the past week, there been some hashtags showing up on social media that seem to suggest that Thanksgiving with black families is considered superior to Thanksgiving with white families. That produces quite a few questions — is it really different? Why highlight differences or attempt to cause racial unrest during the holidays? What if your family is both black and white, like a full quarter of the United States population?