Charlie Sheen Cut Himself Playing With Knives At A Party, More Irresponsible Behavior

It’s sad that even when Charlie Sheen grabs everyone’s attention to “tell the truth,” he still falls short. On the Today Show with Matt Lauer, he appeared with his doctor to come clean about his condition, and to promise that since his diagnosis he had been responsible, but allegedly, that’s not really the truth. The world saw how uncomfortable the doctor was when Sheen said that his virus was undetectable on blood tests, so he could not spread the virus. Lauer quickly jumped on, and said according to the CDC, Sheen could still transmit the virus, but as the world has seen in the past, Sheen seems to think he knows better than his doctor and the CDC.

The Inquisitr reported that one of the lawsuits that Charlie Sheen has been paying out was filed by a man who alleged Sheen gave him herpes during sex while smoking crack. There is said to be a video of this event which proves this, and that is why Sheen was making the payments. Sheen also said on the Today Show that he stopped illicit drug use after his diagnosis, but several sources, including his paramours, have said that this also isn’t true. It all begs the question of why come forward to come clean, and then only do it halfway?

Radar Online says that Sheen has continued his reckless behavior long after he was diagnosed with HIV, and continued to put others at risk. In 2012, during a wild drug-fueled party with more adult entertainers, Charlie Sheen was showing off with a knife when he cut a gash in his leg, bleeding all over the floor, and when a friend and personal assistant, Steven Han, went to clean it up, Sheen flipped out.

“Don’t touch my blood, I got this!” he allegedly screamed.

A year later, he told his personal assistant that he was HIV-positive.

“He just came out with it, ‘I’m HIV positive’, he was so blasé about it,” Han recalls. He was very strong about it, he said “It’s okay, don’t cry, I’m not dying, things will get better.”

Steven Han said now that he knows Sheen was diagnosed in 2011, Sheen’s exploits never slowed down.

“Yes, there were porn stars, sometimes four at a time,” Han insists, adding that he would drop $200 on dozens of bottles of healing ointment Aquaphor (a petroleum based moisturizer), which Sheen used as sexual lubricant. “The girls would be covered from head to toe in it.”


The Daily Mail also spoke to Steven Han about Sheen’s continued reckless lifestyle. Han explained that when he cut himself, Sheen was showing off for a hired audience of porn stars, throwing around a large knife.

“Then, as the crack cocaine and alcohol finally took their toll, the Hollywood superstar made a slip with the blade, slashing his own leg causing blood to pour out. It was perhaps a worryingly typical moment for the renowned hard-partying star [whose] high octane lifestyle had begun to spiral out of control in 2011.”

Han is disappointed that Sheen didn’t tell him the truth at the time, but he assumed Sheen must have Hepatitis C, which is also bloodborne.

“It was such a strange reaction, he seemed genuinely concerned that someone might actually touch his blood,” Han told Daily Mail Online in a world exclusive interview. “We were partying in the party den, a room just off his bedroom, and we all blew his reaction off because we were in the midst of a wild night, but I knew deep down something was wrong, I could see it in his eyes.”

Whether or not Charlie Sheen will ever come completely clean is unknown, but hopefully he will, if only for himself.

Why do you think Charlie Sheen continues to lie about his drug use and reckless behavior?

[Photo by Bebeto Matthews/AP Images]