Amy Duggar Says TLC Producer Tried To Involve Her In Josh And Anna Duggar’s Relationship

Amy Duggar is no longer a reality show star, but she’s thankful for the fans that she gained by appearing on 19 Kids and Counting. Amy mentioned her family’s reality show in a Thanksgiving post that she shared on Instagram, and she revealed how the TLC producers once tried to get her more involved in Josh and Anna Duggar’s love life.

“There is always, always, always something to be thankful for!” Amy Duggar wrote on Instagram. She then proceeded to list what she’s most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“Having people around me that are examples of how I don’t want to live!” Amy wrote. She also listed McDonald’s apple pies, her husband, her parents, and her dreams as things that she’s thankful for. As many fans of the Duggar family know, Amy Duggar’s biggest dream was to be a country singer — a TLC camera crew followed her while she attempted to make it big in Nashville. Amy says that she still loves singing, but she also has dreams of becoming a storm chaser or owning her own company someday.

Amy Duggar also included her Instagram fans on her list of what she’s most thankful for, and she awarded her faithful followers with an interesting anecdote about the first time she appeared on 19 Kids and Counting. Amy first popped up in a 2008 episode of the TLC series, which was called 17 Kids and Counting at the time. According to Amy, one of the show’s producers wanted her to act as a chaperone for Josh and Anna Duggar when they went out for dinner and a movie. The couple had just gotten engaged, and they weren’t allowed to go anywhere together without a family member tagging along to make sure that that they stayed “pure.”

“I’m so thankful I do have you following me,” Amy Duggar wrote in her Instagram post. “I’m just the Duggar’s cousin who showed up to pick my Gma up from my cousins house one day, and the producer asked if I wanted to be the chaperone of Josh and Anna’s date. I laughed and said something like ‘I don’t think my uncle would want me to chaperone that date’ The producer immediately just basically threw me on camera, and I became known as the ‘crazy cousin Amy;’ or my favorite ‘the rebel Duggar’. Both of those nicknames are hardly true. Wish you all could personally get to know me to see the real me. I try to be as real as possible and so does my husband.”

The episode Amy Duggar referenced in her Instagram post is titled “Duggar Dating Rules.” In the episode, Anna came to Arkansas to visit her fiancé and his family. The episode featured a clip of Josh explaining that the Duggars don’t date because they believe that you “give pieces of your heart away” when you go out with multiple people. Josh also revealed that he and Anna were saving their first kiss for their wedding day.

However, Amy Duggar informed viewers that she doesn’t subscribe to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s beliefs when it comes to love. Amy joked that she would probably ditch her chaperone if she was forced to have one, and she revealed that she had already kissed someone. Amy also irked Jim Bob by telling the TLC cameras that he and Michelle Duggar didn’t follow the same courtship rules that they set for their children — they dated other people and shared a few smooches before they got married. Jim Bob later informed Amy that she was banned from chaperoning Josh and Anna’s date.

Amy was 21 at the time the episode aired, and she didn’t seem as eager to get married as her younger cousin was (Josh was 20 when he and Anna got engaged).

“If he’s ready for marriage, let him have it,” Amy said.

During the episode, Josh Duggar cracked a joke about incest that would come back to haunt him when it was later revealed that he had sexually molested his sisters as a teenager.

Josh also spoke out against having sex before marriage, and he complained that people don’t hold themselves “accountable to a higher power” by praying in public before meals.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Josh Duggar admitted that he was a “hypocrite” earlier this year when it was discovered that he was cheating on his wife. He claimed that he was suffering from an addiction to internet pornography, and he checked himself into a faith-based treatment center. Amy has been the only member of the Duggar family willing to provide updates on how Anna Duggar is doing in the wake of her husband’s latest scandal.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight Online, Amy Duggar said that Anna has been “taking the time she needs for herself” while Josh is away, and she revealed that the “strong” mother of four has been “doing well.” Anna even attended Amy’s September wedding without her troubled husband.

Radar Online reports that Amy’s wedding was not filmed by TLC. However, Anna’s fans will get to see her in the upcoming Jill & Jessa: Counting On specials. In one promo clip for the trio of specials centered on Jill and Jessa Duggar, Anna Duggar is shown talking about the fallout from her husband’s scandals. There’s no word on whether Amy Duggar will appear in any of the specials.

Do you think Amy Duggar made a smart move by deciding not to follow Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s rules about kissing, chaperones, and giving away heart pieces?

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