World's Oldest Cat Is 124, Secret To Longevity Revealed

Val Powell

An Oregon cat has been officially named the world's oldest cat just months after it celebrated its 26th birthday in August.

Corduroy, a Maine Coon breed that is now 26 years old – or 124 years old in cat years – reclaimed the title of being the world's oldest cat after the previous title holder, Tiffany II from San Diego died.

Corduroy was born on August 1, 1989. He has exceeded his species' life expectancy by more than 10 years according to animal-focused news site, The Dodo. The fluffy and cuddly feline currently lives with his owner Ashley Reed Okura in Sisters, Oregon.

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It is very rare to see pets reach old age nowadays, but when asked about the secret to Corduroy's long life, Okura said she believes it's because she gives her cat a lot of freedom. Corduroy is free to wander and play in their 160-acre ranch, so he could get lots of exercise. "I really think the key to his longevity is I've allowed him to be a cat," shared Okura. She added she kept his claws and let him roam outside to hunt. This practice has made Corduroy healthy and fit.

Okura said the fluffy old cat is as sharp as ever despite its age because he could still chase mice and other critters. She added that Corduroy enjoys a meal of cheddar cheese, but his favorite is mice. "I honestly believe that by keeping Corduroy's claws he was able to defend himself and go hunting outside. I think it's good for the cat's mental health to go outside and feel like a cat" Okura said. She even advised other cat owners to not cut their cats' claws. "Don't declaw your cat."

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Her family adopted the world's oldest cat back in 1989, and since then, Corduroy has become their constant companion.

"We're bonded. I'm used to his routine and he has a wonderful temperament and personality," Okura told The Dodo. "Having him around all this time has been great."

Okura could still vividly remember the first time she took her precious cat home. She was only six at the time her family adopted Corduroy as a kitten and his brother, Batman, who died at 19. Little did they know that he was going to be the world's oldest cat.

"I was so excited I could hardly contain myself," she began. "The 20-minute drive to Redmond felt like forever," Okura recalled. She took good care of Corduroy, treated him like a "buddy," and carried him "like a baby."

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Okura said that Corduroy is doing great, and she revealed they are currently planning for his next birthday party. The world's oldest cat is certainly living the life of a celebrity.

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