Lil Boosie Cancer: Rapper Reveals Kidney Cancer Diagnosis, Asks Fans To Pray For Him

Lil Boosie has revealed that he has cancer, as the rapper took to Instagram to tell fans that he has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Though he has since removed the caption, Lil Boosie shared the sad news with his fans on Wednesday and asked them to pray for him.

“I need all my fans to pray for me,” he wrote. “Doctor just told me I have cancer on my kidneys. Prayer is power that’s why I’m letting the world know prayfaboosie.”

The picture showed Lil Boosie sitting at a table, but the reference to his cancer diagnosis was taken down later in the day. TMZ reported that his management team didn’t want the rapper talking about his health problems, though it’s not exactly clear what that might be.

“We’re told Boosie’s team was not happy he revealed his condition… which is why the caption was deleted shortly after the initial posting,” the report noted. “The photo of Boosie eating a meal remains on his IG.”

It has been a very difficult stretch for Lil Boosie, who went to prison for a five-year stretch in 2009 for a third-offense marijuana charge.

The Baton Rouge native, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, ended up being released in March 2014, but the prison stay had a big impact on his career. Lil Boosie was a rapper on the rise when he was first sent away, but suffered from being behind bar and had to make up ground in his career once he was free.

He released an album while he was in prison, but because he was not available to promote it the sales were very poor. The rapper also lost out on chances to tour, which had been his bread and butter.

“[Boosie] toured four to five days out of the week,” manager Courtney Scott said in 2011. “That’s where it impacts his family this most.”

But he was determined to pick up the pieces of his career after being released. Just days after getting out of prison, Lil Boosie held a press conference with Atlantic Records and then appeared on a track featuring fellow Trill Entertainment performer Webbie.

Despite the drop-off, Lil Boosie returned to dedicated fans and some big praise from music critics.

“The reason people are clamoring to see Boosie released from jail is because he’s an incredible rapper, plain and simple,” writes Vibe’s Max Weinstein.

Lil Boosie’s short note did not reveal exactly what time of cancer he has or what kind of prognosis he is facing. Many forms of kidney cancer can be found very early, the American Cancer Society notes, though there are some that can grow large without causing pain and are not found until a more advanced stage. People with certain inherited conditions have a higher risk of kidney cancer, though Lil Boosie’s medical background isn’t exactly out in the open.

Many fans took to social media after the news leaked, leaving message of support for the rapper.

It’s not clear how the cancer diagnosis will affect Lil Boosie’s career. He is currently on tour, with six shows over the course of the next two weeks, including four in four days to close out November.

[Image via Instagram/Lil Boosie]