5 Seconds Of Summer End Justin Bieber Beef Over Selena Gomez

5 Seconds of Summer is afraid of getting into a beef with Justin Bieber. It’s no secret that Luke Hemmings has a crush on Selena Gomez. But he’s afraid that it could affect his band’s friendship with Justin Bieber.

5 Seconds of Summer spoke to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet at the American Music Awards. The British band revealed that they’re afraid of Justin Bieber because he may hate them for liking Selena Gomez.

“We think that Justin Bieber actually hates us and we’re actually worried that it’s because of this strange rumor,” Michael Clifford started to say.

5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings
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“I really met her once. I just want to be friends with Justin Bieber,” Luke confessed.

Singer Ashton Irwin jumped in and said, “We want to cut the beef. We want to slice it into thin, thin-cut beef.”

Back in August, Luke Hemmings’ 5Sos bandmates teased him about his crush on Selena Gomez. They revealed that he writes love letters and even has a shrine dedicated to the “Same Old Love” singer.

“He writes fan mail,” Calum Hood told Entertainment Tonight. “He actually writes poems as well – ‘My Dear Selena.'”

“He has a love shrine in the kitchen!” Ashton added.

“Yeah, that love shrine is so weird,” Michael jumped in and said. But Luke confessed about his crush on Selena, as he admitted it’s not all that weird as it sounds.

“No, I’m not actually that obsessed with Selena. Galena Somez? Oh! You mean Galena Somez. Galena is kinda hot.”

This isn’t the first time that Luke has declared his love for Selena Gomez. In October 2014, 5 Seconds of Summer sat down for an interview with Australia radio station Nova FM where Luke denied about tweeting the singer. When asked if he ever sent Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend a message, Luke quickly said, “I haven’t no, way too creepy.”

Then Calum jumped and said, “You have so, you told me the other day. He was like, ‘I wanna say hi.’ You definitely did, you were like ‘I did it.'”

Selena Gomez is very much a single lady these days, despite the constant dating rumors. On Friday night, Gomez was spotted walking around with Bieber on the streets of Beverly Hills. The on-and-off couple were also spotted inside a bar, where Bieber serenaded her with the classic hit “My Girl.” But Gomez has insisted several times that she’s not ready to rush in a relationship anytime soon.

Selena Gomez
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Then on Sunday night, Selena was spotted having dinner with One Direction’s Niall Horan. But don’t think too much into it. Several outlets have confirmed that Selena and Niall are not dating, and are just friends. In fact, the two singers have been friends for years. They were also spotted with friends and family during their dinner at The Nice Guy restaurant in Hollywood.

In the October 2015 issue of Elle magazine, Selena revealed that she did have a thing with DJ Zedd earlier this year.

“Finding somebody is not my main focus. I’ve dated people. I’ve been on a few dates, which is really exciting. But I’ve never wanted to get into anything serious, because I kind of did that. I have my guard up. I like to meet people in organic settings. Hanging out with a group of people and meeting through mutual people.”

Then again in the November 2015 of Flare magazine, Selena Gomez admitted that she’s dating again, but there’s one thing she would never be open to.

“I would never go on Tinder! I think it would scare me. I go on dates. It’s not that difficult — I’m a nice young lady — but that’s not my focus. I’m really stoked about being with myself right now.”

Looks like 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings could have a shot with Selena, if he’s willing to just go on dates with the singer. Nothing serious, for now, anyway. Do you think Hemmings and Gomez would make a cute couple? Sound off below in the comments section.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)