‘The Revenant’: Blogger Said It’s Unappealing To Women, DiCaprio Talks Below Zero Experience

The Revenant movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and helmed by Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is said to be quite an intense film. So intense that from a report made by The Guardian that according to a long time film blogger, Jeffery Wells, thought it was something women wouldn’t be able to hack. His opinion was based on the fact he saw an early screening of the movie. Inarritu was also a screen writer.

From The Revenant trailer’s release, one watching could pick up on the drama, especially when the rhythmic breathing started to pick up later in the clip. Also, being attacked by a possibly large grizzly bear probably would just increase the pulse of the viewer, no question. The Guardian further reports.

Revenant Movie
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“Outcry on social media as Jeffrey Wells suggests Alejandro González Iñárritu’s forthcoming drama won’t appeal to female audiences on account of its raw and immersive qualities.”

The Revenant movie tweet resulted in stirring up controversy on Twitter and Wells uses a string of adjectives to describe the film’s intensity. Following that, was what he considered the four trigger words that stirred the pot.

“Forget women seeing this.”

There’s where the movie blogger was met with a barrage of responses, which had their own share of adjectives along with expletives. They were rather descriptive as was his response to his followers/commenters, according to Hollywood Elsewhere. Though he attempted to qualify his statement with the reactions he got from the female audience members who saw the movie, Jeffrey was still met with hostility and described his flame war experience and referred to them as “Twitter Goons” that “are a pack of salivating jackals.”

The movie blogger Wells wasn’t “backing down” from his statement either, but he did react to the feedback regarding his tweet. Considering the phrasing of the 140 character or less sentence, he said it to be a “gross simplification” according to Cosmopolitan.

His Revenant Twitter statement was backed by some examples of the ladies around him at the early movie screening. One example remarked was about a journalist. Wells claimed that his friend in attendance was cringing the entire time and re-positioning herself into a fetal position during the gruesome scenes. This resulted in Wells giving his cohort a nudge and made a remark about respecting director Innarito’s movie project.

“Pssst…c’mon, show some respect for the filmmaker!”

As the Revenant reviewer was getting his cyber-Twitter beating from the world wide web, star DiCaprio talked about his own brand of suffering during the filming. According to Maxim, Leonardo talked about his experience in brutally cold conditions of temperatures around 30 degrees below zero. Other situations included him being tasked with not remembering many movie lines for The Revenant and talked about working with the crew for 90 minutes attempting to accomplish their goals. DiCaprio further elaborated the hours of rehearsals he had to endure during the brutal temperatures.

Revenant Movie Film with Leonardo DiCaprio
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Conditions filming the movie dealt with the immersion process according to CBC News and as the Revenant screening concluded at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre, Leonardo and director Inarritu talked their experience regarding the “trying conditions.”

“It was about us immersing ourselves in nature and putting ourselves as close as we could to the struggle of these people and finding the thru line in that process.”

The Revenant was filmed with natural lighting an Inarritu wouldn’t let the inhospitable conditions deter him either as he worked with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki to accomplish their tasks. Apparently, it looks like their passion for the arts are quite apparent as the movie was deemed an “Oscar-qualifying” project.

Keep an eye out for The Revenant as there is an early, limited release on December 25 and then opens nation wide come January 8, 2016.

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