‘Alaskan Bush People’ Preview Shows Family Rushing To Billy Brown’s Side

A new preview of Alaskan Bush People is out and in it Billy Brown will deal with a huge medical emergency that will have the entire Brown family rushing to his side. Radar Online shared a big preview for the upcoming episode that shows Billy Brown’s emergency. Things are so bad that Ami is yelling at Billy asking if he can see or hear her. At first, he isn’t answering her at all when she asks him. Billy Brown is obviously having issues, and the entire family is around him helping him out.

The kids all help get Billy Brown into the house and ask that nobody crowds around him. It is obvious something is going on with Billy, but they want to do what is best for him. They even ask the cameras to give the Brown family a minute while they go inside with their dad. Noah actually found Billy out in the woods and he was having trouble staying conscious. Billy says that he needs to get his breath and he finally answers Ami, telling her that he can hear her now and then says that it has passed. It turns out that Billy Brown had a seizure and he couldn’t hide this one from the family. This is not the first seizure that Billy Brown has had, but sometimes they are small and he is able to keep the family from knowing exactly what is going on with him.


It doesn’t look like viewers will get to see everything going on with Billy Brown. This is going to be a scary time on the show. The family will rush him straight into the house and ask the cameras to give them some room. You will get to hear what is going on during this medical emergency on Alaskan Bush People.


This could be very rough for Billy Brown to deal with if he ends up behind bars. Right now, Bam Bam and Billy Brown are in trouble legally for getting checks for living in Alaska while they were actually living in other states. As Radar Online shared, the two plead guilty to these charges. They were charged with one count of second-degree unsworn falsification each for doing this for three years. These two men actually claimed to have lived in the southeast part of the state between 2009 and 2012 on Alaskan Permanent Fund Division applications and received money for being residents, but they were not living in Alaska during that time.

In a previous case, Billy Brown admitted to it and shared how much money he took. Bam Bam only took $1, 174. Here is what Billy Brown had to say in the report.

“By submitting falsified PFD applications for myself and my children, I stole $7,956 from the people of Alaska.”

Billy and Bam Bam Brown are looking for a plea deal that would keep them out of jail. Billy could have a really tough time in jail if he is there and the seizures are happening. Nobody around him would know how to deal with him and make sure that he got the medical help he needs. If the judge will take their plea deal, Billy and Bam Bam Brown will get two years probation, pay the money back and also do community service. At this time, it looks like they could still end up getting jail time though.

Don’t miss the new episodes of Alaskan Bush People tonight on Discovery channel. Are you a fan of this hit show with the Brown family? Do you think that Billy and Bam Bam Brown should end up in jail? Sound off in the comments below.

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