New England Patriots Rumors: Terrell Owens Wants To Make NFL Comeback To Help Team’s Ailing Receiver Corps

The New England Patriots are rumored to be looking to the past to solve their future wide receiver troubles, with reports that Terrell Owens is angling to get a tryout with the team in hopes of helping to shore up its beat up receiver corps.

Owens, who has advertised himself a few times in the past few months to teams in need of wide receiver help, has reportedly reached out to the Patriots to offer his services.

There are already rumors that the New England Patriots are looking to the free agent pile for some wide receiver help, though it’s not clear if the 42-year-old Owens is a realistic option. He has been out of the league for three years, following a brief stint on the Seattle Seahawks.

But the interest is certainly high for Owens, who told The Boston Globe‘s Gary Washburn that the Patriots would be ab ideal situation for him.

“Would I be open to it? Considering an organization like the Patriots? Yes. Knowing Tom [Brady] and understanding the structure of what Bill Belichick, how he runs his ship, I have no problem with that. A lot of people will obviously speculate into what I may bring from a negative standpoint to that organization.”

The Patriots have been able to run up a 10-0 record this season on the strength of their dangerous offense and much-better-than-advertised defense, which now leads the league in points per game.

But the team has taken quite a beating in recent weeks, with injuries to some of Tom Brady’s major weapons on offense. First was a season-ending injury to running back Dion Lewis, who was a versatile weapon out of the backfield.

Then came a long-term injury to Julian Edelman and two more wide receivers in Monday night’s game. Aaron Dobson suffered a foot injury, though X-rays came back negative. Danny Amendola got it worse, suffering a knee sprain that could keep him out a bit longer, though the full extent is not yet clear.

The New England Patriots have already picked up some of the slack for their inured players. Running back James White has filled in well for Lewis, scoring two touchdowns on four touches in Monday night’s win over the Buffalo Bills.

“Yeah, I mean, it felt good,” White said (via MassLive). “Like I said, guys went down, people had to step up. I just wanted to be one of those guys.”

Coach Bill Belichick, who favors running backs who can catch out the backfield, has certainly noticed.

“James has been a dependable player for us,” said Patriots coach Bill Belichick. “He came through with a couple big plays last week against the Giants and had them today. We need everybody every week and he made some plays for us today.

While it’s not clear if anything will happen with the Terrell Owens rumors, the New England Patriots know they are in need of some help on offense.

“We haven’t really got in a rhythm and just didn’t execute as well as we’re capable of,” Brady said on WEEI. “There will be a lot to learn from. It’s good to win and still learn from mistakes and we’re playing the No. 1-ranked defense this week so it has to be a much better effort.”

It’s not clear how much Terrell Owens would contribute, as even he admits he is not in top shape. But if the rumors are true that the New England Patriots are looking for some help, it might not be too strange for Bill Belichick to kick the tires a bit.

[Picture by Win McNamee/Getty Images]