Rob Kardashian Is ‘Disgusted’ With Khloe, Feels She’s Giving False Hope To Husband Lamar! Plus, See His Latest Weight Gain Photos [Report]

Rob Kardashian and his sister Khloe have reportedly had a falling out.

Earlier this month, Rob Kardashian moved out his sister’s home and back into his apartment in Los Angeles, and right away, tongues began wagging about a possible feud between the siblings. However, the basis of their alleged dispute was unknown until a report surfaced earlier today that claimed Rob Kardashian is upset over his sister’s treatment of her estranged husband, Lamar Odom.

“[Rob Kardashian] hates how she’s strung Lamar along and believes that’s why he went even further off the rails than he would have had she just set him free,” an insider told Radar Online on November 25. “She led him to believe there was a chance of a reunion for so long that he put everyone on hold and had to sit there while she was wined and dined by all these other guys.”

After Rob Kardashian’s brother-in-law was hospitalized last month, he and Khloe called off their divorce, but she continued to date James Harden, who she’s been seeing for the last several months. Although Khloe confirmed on Twitter that her divorce would eventually move forward, the move was taken by many to be a sign that she was still open to a future reconciliation with her former partner.

Now, however, as her husband continues to recover from an alleged drug overdose, Khloe remains committed to Harden, and Rob Kardashian isn’t happy.

“[Rob Kardashian]’s disgusted with her and tore into her in a big way for going on a date with James while Lamar was in the hospital,” said the insider. “[Rob Kardashian]’s drawn a line in the sand as far as Khloe’s concerned. It’s very sad because they were always the closest siblings of the family.”

While Rob Kardashian has reportedly been somewhat estranged from his family in recent months as he continues to hide from the public eye, he and Khloe remained close. Over the summer, his sister told Complex Magazine, via E! News, that she was living with Rob Kardashian, and that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the last few years, Rob Kardashian has been dealing with weight gain and depression issues, and in June, he was spotted on a late-night burger run looking heavier than ever. In photos shared by Radar Online, Rob Kardashian’s midsection appeared to be quite larger than fans are used to seeing it, and any reports regarding his possible weight loss were quickly shut down.

Still, despite the latest shocking photos of Rob Kardashian, there have been several reports claiming the former reality star and sock designer may one day return to the show. While Rob Kardashian hasn’t appeared alongside his family on Keeping Up with the Kardashians since 2012, Us Weekly claimed he filmed scenes for season 11 this past September after losing 15 pounds with the help of celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Rob Kardashian “already lost more than 15 pounds,” an insider close to the 28-year-old told the magazine. “[Rob Kardashian] has been sticking to the plan Gunnar [Peterson] created for him, and is getting meal delivery from a chef.”

In addition, said the source, Rob Kardashian felt it necessary to lose weight, as he was motivated to reclaim his yearly Keeping Up with the Kardashians salary.

“He’s not getting paid if he doesn’t film. [Rob Kardashian] has a $2 million-a-year contract. He realized he couldn’t give up this huge opportunity,” the source explained.

[Photo via Twitter]