WWE News: Former WWE Writer Goes On Big Twitter Rant, Says WWE Needs Full-Scale Change

Multiple people aren’t happy with the WWE. It’d be shocking to find out that everyone in the WWE is happy with the WWE. Ratings are tanking, the 18-49, male demographic received a.81 rating for WWE Raw this past episode and nothing seems to help the situation.

More people used to watch pro wrestling than watch it now, and that’s not good for the future of WWE. WWE NXT is the most-popular wrestling outlet on the planet, yet a portion of them got called up to the main roster and fizzled out, due to creative coming up with nothing worthwhile. Neville and Bo Dallas are two examples. Others include the Lucha Dragons and Ascension. Both teams were successful and popular in the WWE.

Lucha Dragons The Ascension WWE
Lucha Dragons and The Ascension WWE Main Event. (Image YouTube)

Rob Naylor, former-WWE NXT Creative Assistant, is a good mind for the industry. He had words on Twitter that shouldn’t be overlooked. Naylor believes the WWE needs a complete overhaul.

Road Dogg said it properly on Twitter a few nights ago. If the fans don’t like what they watch, they can turn the channel. Naylor went on to talk about FSM Magazine and the way they were tweeting negatively the entire show. Naylor saw so many great talents in the WWE, not just in front of the camera. He saw many spectacular talents behind the scenes as well.

Mick Foley
Mick Foley on WWE Raw. Image Via YouTube

The WWE needs a new, fresh approach. Naylor believes that NXT Takeover: Brooklyn was refreshing. With the 50/50 booking, nobody stands out. How is someone better than the other if their record is the same? Logic is gone.

Mick Foley also voiced his displeasure with WWE Raw. Even he is on the verge of not watching WWE programming anymore. When Foley drops out of your camp, you know something is wrong.

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