WWE News: Sami Zayn Returning To WWE NXT Next Month?

Unfortunately, 2015 became the “Year of the Injury” in the WWE. Some were only out for a few weeks, but others lasted a long time, and there are WWE superstars still waiting to come back. Here are the WWE superstars who sustained an injury this year.

  • Sting
  • Seth Rollins
  • Sami Zayn
  • Hideo Itami
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Tyson Kidd
  • Rusev
  • Randy Orton
  • Nikki Bella
  • Cesaro
  • Erick Rowan
  • Lana
  • Colin Cassady

If there is somebody missing, then their injury was short-term. As USA Today puts it, the WWE is in a massive “injury crisis.”

“WWE will manage week-to-week, but injuries to top stars could put a damper on what will be the biggest WrestleMania of all time at AT&T Stadium in April. Rollins will certainly miss WrestleMania 32, while Cesaro and Orton are borderline cases.”

Are the moves getting more dangerous? Perhaps not. The one reason may have to do with the WWE’s workload. Never before has the WWE encountered an injury crisis like this. One WWE star, in particular, Sami Zayn, sustained an injury at a really bad time. After his climactic debut on WWE Raw against John Cena, he hurt himself before the bout even started.

If it weren’t for the injury, he would’ve gotten Kevin Owens’ spot on the roster. There is good news on the injury front in the WWE. The former WWE NXT champion is close to coming back, according to the Daily Wrestling News.

“It’s worth noting that Sami Zayn is being advertised for the December WWE NXT tour of the UK, including all regular live events and the ‘Takeover: London’ special on December 16th. It’s possible he’s just appearing before the crowd as we haven’t heard that he’s ready to return to the ring yet. Others advertised for the tour that kicks off on December 10th in Newcastle, England include NXT Champion Finn Balor, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson, Neville, Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews, Samoa Joe, Emma and Dana Brooke.”

Along with Zayn on the tour, WWE NXT will add another legitimate star to their already-bolstered roster. He was a big part of WWE NXT’s ascension to the top of the pro-wrestling landscape. It wasn’t as if he wanted to take time off again. Zayn was one of the most popular superstars on the entire roster. His debut on the WWE main roster in Canada was one of the biggest pops of 2015.

He’s a passionate, hard working, and charismatic wrestler. While talking about his injury in July, Zayn talked about his feelings when the ailment occurred.

“I was like, ‘Uh, oh. Then I moved it around a little and it was fine. A minute or two into the match, I took this back suplex and my whole shoulder kind of popped out. As the doctor was talking to me, I asked if he could pop it back in.”

As it turns out, Zayn truly injured his shoulder during the match, but the first sign of a problem took place before the bout began. The WWE needs Sami Zayn. WWE NXT needs Sami Zayn. While WWE Raw continues to break records in a negative manner, they need to change. In recent articles, calling for a change from the WWE is the constant. Regardless of a good segment here and there, the WWE is in bad shape.

They are consistently losing the biggest demographic they use to own.

That tweet by Brad Shepard, a freelance writer for PWInsider, sums it all up. Sami Zayn may not be the sole answer the WWE needs, but the WWE needs more than just Zayn. They need a full-scale change.

[Image via YouTube]