Scheana Marie Responds To ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Addiction Criticism: ‘Every Person Is Different’

Scheana Marie exposed husband Mike Shay’s drug addiction issues early this season on Vanderpump Rules, and in the weeks since, she’s faced backlash due to comments she’s made on the show. Most recently, Scheana Marie was targeted for a comment, claiming her husband should continue drinking, but only in a limited amount.

“Last night a lot of you took offense to some things I said and called me uneducated,” Scheana Marie began on Instagram on November 24. “The truth is yes I do have some learning to do when it comes to addiction but the other truth is that every person is different and deals with it in their own way.”

After revealing to her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, that Shay often mixed Vicodin — up to five pills at a time — with alcohol, Scheana Marie was seen in a confessional, claiming she doubted her ability to be with someone who was completely sober, as her lifestyle simply wasn’t suited for sobriety.

Continuing on in her Instagram post, Scheana Marie explained that her husband is trying to figure out what way of life works best for him. She also claimed Shay was not an alcoholic, nor was he dependent on alcohol.

“Yes I said get a buzz, don’t get drunk. That doesn’t make me stupid. That’s what works for him.. As far as I know, not every person has to completely go cold turkey for everything. But if he wanted to be 100% sober he’d have my full support.”

Scheana Marie and Shay became engaged during the second season of Vanderpump Rules at the home of her boss, Vanderpump, and her husband, Ken Todd, in Beverly Hills, California. Then, during Season 3 of the Bravo reality series, Scheana Marie was seen preparing for her wedding to Shay, and in a late episode of the season, she and Shay walked down the aisle.

“Things got a little out of control this past year as you will see this season but we are working thru this together and he’s doing what’s best for him,” Scheana Marie continued. “I did not say I would leave him if he was sober. That was a line taken from a story I told about a first date I went on when I was 22 and the guy was fresh out of rehab. It didn’t work for my lifestyle at that point and that’s why I said that. If Shay chose to never have a drink again I would 1000000% support that.”

Despite her comments on Vanderpump Rules, which she seemed to hint were taken out of context, Scheana Marie insists she’d never leave her husband due to his struggles with drugs and alcohol. She also said the “magic of editing” has made things appear in ways which she did not intend.

During Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Marie and her co-stars, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Katie Maloney, and Tom Schwartz, confronted Shay with an intervention after he spent several days away from home. During the chat, Shay revealed he once took 10 Vicodin pills in one day. He also admitted to feeling overwhelmed by Scheana Marie’s personality at times, which is why he often left home as opposed to confronting his issues head-on.

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