Russia Dispatches Warship To Mediterranean After Jet Shot Down By Turkey, Moscow Military Analyst Says War ‘Most Likely’


Russia has dispatched a warship named Yamal to the Mediterranean sea after Turkey shot down a Russian jet for entering the country’s airspace without permission. The warship (photographed in the header above) maintains an air defense system which has been given the goal of destroying “any targets representing a potential danger” to the Russian forces inside of Syria. The move comes following the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey, which left the co-pilot dead, along with a Russian soldier killed during the rescue mission to save the pilot.


Meanwhile, Russia dispatched a warship to the Mediterranean sea in response to the downing of their jet. The warship is equipped with an air defense system, and the military crew have been told to destroy “any targets representing a potential danger” to Russian forces in Syria. In addition to the warship, Russia is also having fighter jets accompany all bomber planes for future missions in Syria.

The downing of the Russian jet came after Turkey allegedly gave the pilots multiple warnings to turn around as they were about to enter Turkey’s airspace. However, the pilots never responded, and after an alleged 10 attempts to communicate with the pilots, the jet was shot down and crashed into Syria. Though Turkey claims they gave the pilots multiple chances to turn around, Russia maintains that they were not warned. Instead, they say they were in Turkey’s airspace for mere seconds before being shot from the sky.

Though Russia denies the 10 attempts, the United States is backing Turkey and says that they did warn the incoming aircraft. An audio recording was released that features one of the attempts made by Turkey to have the jet turn around.

According to Unilad, says that the warship that was sent to the Mediterranean has an advanced S-400 air defense system. The warship arrived as Russia was allegedly conducting airstrikes in the Turkmen mountains where the pilots were ejected the previous day. A security analyst who focuses on the Eastern Mediterranean says that the warship “could threaten Turkish F 16s attempting to intercept Russian bombers near border.”

The analyst went on to say that Russia seemed to be choosing its airstrike locations as a way to send a message to Turkey and that Turkey responded by sending tanks to the Turkey-Syria border.

Meanwhile, media reports indicate that United States President Barack Obama is pledging support for Turkey following a phone call with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. The White House went on to say that the “U.S. and NATO support Turkey’s right to defend its sovereignty.” However, they also say that it is important to de-escalate the situation.

“The leaders agreed on the importance of de-escalating the situation and pursuing arrangements to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.”

What do you think about the conflict between the two NATO countries, Russia and Turkey? What do you think about the United States pledging support for Turkey?

[Photo by AP/CHA]