‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer: Fans React To Emotional Fight Scene

The first official trailer for Captain America: Civil War was released online Tuesday, and many fans would agree that it was worth the wait.

On a friendly note, Captain America reunites with his childhood friend Bucky (aka Winter Soldier).

However, on the darker side of the same spectrum, the Captain America: Civil War trailer shines a spotlight on the highly-anticipated wedge that finally separates the first avenger from Iron Man.

At the very end of the trailer, an emotional scene between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark sets the tone for the separation moments before an epic fight scene begins.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

During a relatively short conversation between Captain America and Iron Man, the once-frozen war hero finalizes his betrayal by offering a flawed line of reasoning to justify the battle.

“Sorry, Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice. But he’s my friend.”

The emotions really start to pour into the picture when Tony Stark offers a somber response, using three words that apparently pierced the hearts of so many different Marvel fans.

“So was I.”

Moments later, you see footage of an epic fight scene placing Iron Man directly in a battle against Captain America and the Winter Soldier simultaneously.

The epic fight scene brought the impressive trailer to a close, leaving quite a few fans and critics of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with mixed emotions.

At the Disney D23 Expo in August, Captain America: Civil War co-stars Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie had a chance to open up about the film. Evans made it clear that, out of all of the other Marvel films, this third installment of the blockbuster franchise for the first Avenger stands out from all of the others.

“A majority of the Marvel films, it’s clear to know who’s right and who’s wrong. This is one of the first movies where it’s parallel to the arguments, I think, we have in life where nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. It’s just a matter of opinion.”

Evans further elaborated on his thoughts about the highly-anticipated follow-up film during Salt Lake Comic Con in September, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The Fantastic Four star discussed his character’s moral compass and how the internal conflict made the filming process very interesting for him.

“Cap has his reasons, he certainly has his reasons, and he is a good man and his moral compass is probably the cleanest. This is a tough thing. This is what made it so interesting while we were filming, and it’s hopefully what will make the movie great is nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. There’s no clear bad guy here. We both have a point of view, which is akin to most disagreements in life and politics.”

Fans of the Avengers movie franchise will likely remember the scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where things first started to get a little tense between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Longtime fans and informed critics of the Marvel Universe were fully aware that particular scene helped to set the stage for the Civil War that divides the Avengers for the very first time.

From the footage covered in the first Captain America: Civil War trailer, it is apparently clear that the Iron Man vs. Captain America separation is going to play a major role in the upcoming film.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]