Bindi Irwin Excited To Return Home: Will She Put Trophy With The Crocodiles?

Bindi Irwin took home the Mirrorball trophy last night on Dancing with the Stars, and the outcome of the night may not have surprised many. Bindi and Derek Hough had been scoring perfectly for a long time, and fans truly adored her. They wanted the best for her, and she continued to fight through the competition. Irwin had the support of her mother and brother, who were in the audience every week.

Bindi Irwin, an animal conservationist, fought her way to the top, and she was the youngest competitor in the finals. Since Derek has already won the Mirrorball trophy several times, he had a few ideas as to where Bindi could store the big trophy. Bindi, who originally lives in Australia, has spent the last few months in California, competing with the support of her family.

According to a new Us Magazine report, Bindi Irwin is now revealing that she is actually very excited to return home to her native Australia, and she is excited to get back to work at the zoo.

“Honestly I’m excited to get back into my khakis and be with the animals again,” Bindi Irwin told the website after winning the Mirrorball trophy.

Bindi won after beating out Alek Skarlatos and Nick Carter. Alek was eliminated first, putting him in third place. And Nick Carter, despite getting perfect scores, was eliminated after viewer votes were added up. Clearly, fans preferred Bindi’s emotional dancing and her many tributes to her late father, Steve Irwin.

“She should put it in the zoo in the middle of the croc pond!” Derek Hough suggested, according to Us Weekly, adding, “Surrounded by all the crocodiles and put it in the middle so they’ll be guarding it. So everybody can look at it from afar but the crocodiles will be all around it.”

Irwin hasn’t revealed where the trophy will be placed, but one can imagine it will be in a protected place where she can look at it every day and reflect on her journey. Many former contestants have revealed where their trophies are, including in the dining room, office, and even the bathroom. But Bindi could leave the trophy at home rather than place it with the crocodiles. As for Irwin, she isn’t necessarily thinking about where the trophy will be. Instead, she’s just reflecting on the beautiful experience, and she shared her thoughts on social media.

“I am speechless. This is a gift and I can’t tell you how much love I have for all of your support throughout this beautiful journey. My life has been changed,” Bindi Irwin revealed on her Instagram after taking home the Mirrorball trophy.

And despite winning the trophy six times, Derek was also excited to win this season. He has called Bindi Irwin a beautiful person, and he told her on last night’s finale that this season was one of his favorite ones. And the two truly clicked with one another as they continued to compete together throughout the season. Despite winning so many times, the feeling of winning is clearly something Derek loves.

“Pure ecstasy!!!! Thank you for the love and support! I couldn’t be more happy for my beautiful Bindi Irwin. What a perfect way to finish a perfect season with a perfect person #DWTS #thechampishere #season21dwts,” Derek revealed on his personal Instagram page yesterday after winning the trophy once again.

After placing second, Nick Carter revealed to the audience that Bindi deserved to win. Clearly, she had been the frontrunner, and Nick may have known that his elimination was coming.

What do you think of Bindi Irwin winning this season of Dancing with the Stars? Do you think she will place the trophy near the crocodiles or keep the trophy safe at home?

[Image via Instagram]