Josh Duggar In Shady Real Estate Deal For Profit? Fans Urge Anna Duggar To Divorce & Attack TLC For Exploiting

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar once were known simply as the oldest married couple of the 19 Kids and Counting clan, headed by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. But when reports were confirmed that the now-27-year-old Josh had molested several underage girls, including some of his sisters (Jill and Jessa Duggar since have self-identified as among their brother’s victims), their squeaky clean charm changed to scandal. TLC subsequently cancelled the family’s TV show and more scandals broke, including Josh’s accounts on the Ashley Madison site for extramarital affairs, his confession that he cheated on Anna, and his revelation that he was addicted to pornography.

Josh Duggar's image has changed from the squeaky clean oldest son of the Duggar family to the disgraced member.
Josh Duggar's image has changed from the squeaky clean oldest son of the Duggar family to the disgraced member. (Image via Duggar Family/Facebook)

Now Josh reportedly is in a faith-based treatment center for sex addiction, but yet another scandal has broken after an adult film star sued him for assaulting her when Duggar propositioned her and paid her for consensual sex, as the Inquisitr reported.

Danica Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Northup, described how Josh came up to her at a strip club in Philadelphia. Duggar gave her $600 for lap dances and then propositioned her with an offer of $1,500 for intimate relations at a hotel.

The consensual sex act turned into a physical assault that caused a variety of injuries, according to the adult film star. Dillon also recounts how Josh went to a strip club where she was performing. He attempted to express his regret but then assaulted her again. As a result of those acts of violence, Danica wants $500,000 in damages from Duggar.

Where will the father of four get the money? A new report indicates that the Duggar family attorney set up a company that turned around and bought the home owned by Josh and Anna, resulting in a profit for the scandal-ridden Duggars, reported the Daily Mail.

Duggars keep getting hit by scandals generated by Josh Duggar.
Duggars keep getting hit by scandals generated by Josh Duggar. (Image via Duggar Family/Facebook)

Travis W. Story created ALB Investments LLC. Duggar then sold the home purchased eight months prior in Arkansas to that company. The official paperwork filed by ALB Investments LLC lists Story as the registered agent. Travis is known to have been the lawyer and friend of the Duggars for a lengthy period of time and also belongs to the same Cross Church as the Duggar family.

The sale to ALB Investments took place on August 24, which is the day on which Story created the company. That resulted in a $10,000 profit on Anna’s and Josh’s home.

The original reports about adult film star Dillon went public on August 26, just two days after the sale of the Duggars’ home to ALB Investments LLC.

“An LLC is commonly used in business to provide a measure of legal protection for the assets of company owners and partners,” notes the Daily Mail.

Moreover, although Travis Story is listed as the registered agent, the registration address matches the location of the home sold. Per a 2007 law, the real owners of the company remain confidential, although the property’s warranty deed was signed by Story, a notary, and both Anna and Josh Duggar.

Josh and Anna had once viewed that home of their own as the fulfillment of a dream, a source told the Daily Mail, but after the Ashley Madison scandal added to the previous disgraces generated by the Duggars’ oldest son, that dream was shattered.

But was the sale of the home illegal, or just shady in terms of timing? A Duggar insider clarified why it seemed as if the timing was suspicious in a Daily Mail interview.

“It was a definite fixer-upper, and in early August, Josh had even enlisted his brother-in-law… to help him rehab and update the place. All of that fixing up came to a halt when the scandal broke and Josh went into hiding on the Duggar compound. Before you know it, the home is sold to a company registered by their attorney and long-time family friend Travis Story. Jim Bob [Duggar family patriarch] may seem like he just fell off the turnip truck but he’s savvy when it comes to his investments and real estate. This was only done to protect Josh, and not for any other reason.”

In the wake of all these scandals that her husband has produced, Anna may finally be getting closer to divorcing Duggar, according to Starcasm.

The reports that Anna was considering divorce at last began after TLC unveiled a new promo for its show Jill & Jessa: Counting On, in which Josh’s wife described her heartbreak. In addition, rumors circulated that Josh so fears that Anna will abandon him that he’s decided having another baby will help persuade her to stay with him.

As for the public reaction to TLC’s focus on Anna in the latest video, the Jill & Jessa: Counting On official Facebook page contains concerns for Anna and questions for TLC about whether she’s being exploited.

“Interesting advertising tool. Anna’s tragedy is being exploited for ratings, money, and reality TV fame,” wrote one person, who received almost 90 “Likes” for the analysis.

Others urged Anna to leave Josh and questioned why TLC’s new show indicated only that Anna seemed entrenched in Duggarville.

“You should be encouraging Anna to get the heck out of your family and get her children to safety away from their child-molesting father!” wrote one user.

Some referred to the latest scandal generated by Josh, featuring the adult film star’s lawsuit.

“It’s a sham, coercing Anna to contribute like she’s forgiven that pig of a husband, especially now with Josh’s girlfriend suing him for assault and battery,” commented one such person.

TLC also came in for its share of criticism.

“Using Anna to get viewers is a new low, even for Jill and Jessa,” chimed in a Facebook poster.

As the Inquisitr reported, several Facebook groups have been created to take action against TLC’s new show. One such group is advocating a boycott, while another is focused on persuading potential advertisers to promise not to sponsor the Duggars’ program.

[Image via Duggar Family/Facebook]