‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Belle Returns, Hope Plans For Revenge, And John Uncovers New Information

'Days of Our Lives' star Martha Madison

This has been a powerful week on Days of Our Lives, and spoilers indicate that there is more drama on the way. Bo Brady died in Hope’s arms just moments after telling her about his brain tumor, and the news sent shockwaves through Salem. What can viewers expect from Wednesday’s show?

As DOOL fans saw on Tuesday’s show, Hope had a vision of Bo who was telling her to go after the men that hurt them. She found a drunken Steve and told him about her plans and he said he was game to join her. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate, however, that he may back off on that idea somewhat during Wednesday’s episode.

'Days of Our Lives' star Kristian Alfonso

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that in the coming week, Steve and Hope will be doing some digging into Bo’s captors, so it seems the plan to seek revenge will move forward. While certainly Ciara, Shawn, and Chase need Hope at home, it is easy for fans to see that she will feel as if she has to follow this through and try to avenge Bo’s death.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show is Belle’s return to Salem. This one has been teased via Days of Our Lives spoiler previews for some time now, and it is finally about to play out. Unfortunately, Belle and Shawn are in a rocky place right now as a couple. There will be a tense discussion about her cheating again, and a potential divorce.

Viewers will see Belle greet all of the Bradys, as well as talk with Marlena and John. Everybody will have to wait and see what the scoop is on this marital discord, but word is that both Belle and Shawn are sticking around Salem for some time ahead, albeit with a significant shift, and there is sure to be plenty of drama for them on the way.

Wednesday’s show also brings a development for John. Viewers have watched as he did some digging into his past and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Paul will uncover a clue of some sort in this show. Whatever the tidbit of information is, it seemingly connects someone in Salem to Winterthorne Academy and could shake things up a bit.

DOOL fans haven’t seen much from Eve lately, but she is back in the mix of things on Wednesday’s show. Eduardo connects with her and makes an offer of some sort. Will this interaction serve in some way to lay the groundwork to Eve’s departure from Salem? It is known that Kassie DePaiva is leaving the show soon, but it’s not known whether she will just leave quietly or be a part of a bigger story as she departs.