Jenelle Evans Puts Custody Battle On Hold: ‘I Just Don’t Want To Film With Her’

Jenelle Evans is gearing up for another season of Teen Mom, and she is already busy filming another season. And Jenelle is slowly moving forward with her life, as she has graduated school, is contemplating finding a job, and has broken up with Nathan Griffith — the father of her second child, Kaiser.

But Jenelle Evans is still struggling with her first son, Jace. Jenelle is still trying to get custody of Jace, and she even moved back to North Carolina to make it happen. And despite moving closer to her mother, it sounds like she is now stalling with the plan to actually pursue custody. Many had hoped that she would fight her mother to get Jace back, but Evans isn’t busy getting custody back right now.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she isn’t pursuing custody of little Jace these days, as she doesn’t want him to freak out when he moves in with her full-time. And this custody issue is apparently something they continue to fight about. Evans was in New York City to do some press, and she did various interviews where she opened up about her current struggles.

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“Every day off and on,” Evans told Radar Online in an interview, adding, “Right now she is mad at me because I don’t want to film with her. We argue. She always wants to argue with me on camera, and I’m like ‘No.’ I just don’t want to film with her.”

Apparently, Jenelle and Barbara get along just fine when the cameras aren’t around. But when the Teen Mom cameras come around, Barbara apparently likes to fight with her daughter.

“My mom — she’s happy one minute and then the next she is mad,” Evans explains of her mother’s mood swings, adding, “And then the next day, she’ll act like nothing happened.”

Of course, Jace is still living with Evans’ mother. Jenelle signed over custody of Jace when he was just a baby because she was simply unable to take care of her son. In addition, she gave custody so Jace could get health insurance under the mother’s employment. The deal was that Jace would be signed back to Evans when she was fit enough to do so, but it hasn’t happened yet. Barbara continues to stall the process, and Jenelle is starting to slow down the process.

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“That’s still going on right now. [But] I wanted to move away first, get settled down and stuff before I pursue that any further,” Jenelle revealed about the custody plan to move Jace slowly into her care, adding that she isn’t pressing her mom too much these days, revealing, “That’s kind of on hold right now too because he is also in school there. I’m trying to let my mom ease into it instead of grabbing him right from under her, and to try and like wean him off of her.”

One of the reasons why Jenelle’s mother continues to stall the custody transfer is Evans’ horrible taste in men. While she has kicked Nathan Griffith to the curb, she doesn’t have an impressive record when it comes to relationships. Her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, was recently arrested and will serve time once again, according to Us Weekly. Courtland will serve time after failing to appear in court on charges of a speeding ticket and reckless driving. It is no secret that Rogers struggled with drugs. When he was married to Jenelle Evans, they were arrested together in April 2013 for heroin possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and assault. This was the final straw for Evans, who filed for divorce. They were divorced a year later in June 2014.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans slowing down on the custody battle?

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