Brad, Angelina, & Twins Break Some PEOPLE Records

Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon aren’t fading from the spotlight, ’cause their PEOPLE issue is hot.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the twins’ recent debut sold a reported 2.6 million copies, according to super-secret sources, which makes it the biggest seller in not just 2008, but in seven years. It’s actually the fourth highest seller in PEOPLE‘s history (which spans 35 years) and also drew in a record number of online visitors to 6 million uniques in 24 hours, in comparison to their usual 8.8 million unique visitors per month.

The wallet-busting purchase was met with a raise in issue price to $4.49, and running time on newsstands of 3 weeks.

I hope the Jolie-Pitts hold off for a while longer so we can catch our breath.