‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: One Of The Bloodiest, Deadliest Scenes Is Coming In Mideason Finale

The midseason finale for Season 6 of The Walking Dead will be taking place this weekend, and there is some official and not-so-official news out there. The episode is called “Start to Finish,” and if you ever wanted a cliffhanger, then you’re going to get one. Not only is one of the bloodiest scenes in the TV series’ history coming, but also one of the deadliest.

Please let it be known that there are possible SPOILERS ahead for the current season and comic book of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Now, throughout the history of The Walking Dead on AMC, there has been a lot straight from the comic book while other things have been created from scratch. The IB Times has pointed out that the TV series is really starting to mirror Robert Kirkman’s comic book storyline more as things go forward.

The midseason finale is going to bring about a major moment for one of the most well-known and beloved stars of the series. It’s a moment that happened in the comic books and was strongly hinted at in Episode 7 last week.

carl grimes the walking dead spoilers midseason finale
Image via AMC

The Spoiling Dead Fans have all the info necessary for this week’s episode have a number of things go on early, but it’s near the end that things begin to get seriously real. Of course, by the time everything truly happens, the episode will likely end and you’ll have to wait until February to see what happens next.

At this point in the comic book, Carl Grimes ends up receiving a near-fatal gunshot to his right eye. It appears as if the TV series is going in the same direction, and the following image proves that in a rather blurry fashion.

carl grimes eyepatch the walking dead spoilers
Image via The Spoiling Dead Fans

Yes, it’s a very blurry image, but it was posted back in late August and is said to be Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) with an eye-patch over his right eye. So, it certainly appears as if the bloody and deadly situation is taking place this Sunday night.

Here is where things get real and serious.

Rick and his group are holed up in Jessie’s house, which is absolutely surrounded by Walkers. Deanna is very badly injured and the plan to get to safety does not include her. Michonne says she will deliver the news to her and there’s a heartfelt moment between the two of them.

Rick also says his goodbyes before the group gets ready to go. Deanna could have taken her own life, but she didn’t want it that way. She opens the door and begins shooting at the Walkers to take out as many as she can before she is killed.

This is when the group puts the sick plan into work. It is Rick’s plan that includes taking the guts of Walkers and cover themselves in them. That’s when the group begins walking through the streets of Alexandria and through the herd of Walkers.

the walking dead walkers
Image via AMC

So, it’s Rick, Carl, Michonne, Jessie, Carl, Ron, Sam, Father Gabriel, and Judith walking together hand-in-hand through the front yard. Sam tries to be brave, but he is too scared and ends up calling out for his mom.

This is where the current spoilers for the midseason finale of The Walking Dead end. Going back to the original post from The Spoiling Dead Fans from August though, the midseason finale of Season 6 will continue on and get really bad.

Remember, anything from this point on is not confirmed and could change before the show airs.

Sam is grabbed by Walkers and ends up being eaten, which freaks out Jessie who tries to save him, but it’s no use. Jessie is falling into groups of Walkers, but she won’t let go of Carl’s hand so Rick cuts off her hand and she gets devoured.

This makes Ron angry so he turns his gun on Rick and goes to shoot him, but Carl jumps in the way and that’s when he gets shot in the eye. Michonne kills Ron on the spot as Rick grabs Carl and loses it and begins killing Walkers left and right.

The Alexandrians join in on the fight with the Walkers, and this is apparently where things will end. It’s not known what is happening with Judith or Father Gabriel during all of this.

The Season 6 midseason finale of The Walking Dead is going to be bloody, intense, and incredibly deadly. Carl Grimes really gets into things in this episode and the amount of Walkers around is just insane. Rick goes off the rails and Glenn is back, but a lot will be left up in the air as a cliffganger for the start of the second half of the season.

[Image via AMC]