Liberals Accuse Ben Carson Of Lying About 9/11 Protestors Just Like Donald Trump

Ben Carson has been accused of lying about a lot of things lately, including his alleged violent past. However, he is now accused of lying about what he saw after the September 11 attacks back in 2001. Many of the attacks against Carson could be politically motivated. Salon has the news.

“Carson told [Megyn] Kelly that at the campaign event, they were discussing, generally, the ‘inappropriate celebrating’ by Muslims on 9/11, and that he was unaware of where the video in which he allegedly saw them doing so was actually shot. Which would be a valid enough excuse if it were remotely true, but as the clip Kelly played before introducing Carson amply demonstrated, it simply isn’t.”

Salon adds that Carson said that, on three separate occasions, he saw Muslims celebrating the damage they did. There were videos of people celebrating the September 11 attacks and — perhaps — Carson was confused about which one he saw. But he definitely didn’t see any groups in New Jersey celebrating, at least on video.

Donald Trump is another one who believes he saw many Muslims in New Jersey celebrate the attacks that occurred more than 14 years ago. NPR claims that despite being criticized, Trump is not relenting on describing what he allegedly saw.

“At a campaign rally in Ohio on Monday, Donald Trump said once again that on the day of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks there were big, public celebrations by thousands of Muslims in New Jersey as they watched the twin towers collapse. The comments come despite denials by police and other New Jersey public officials — and the absence of news reports detailing such events of that day.”

According to Mediate, Whoopi Goldberg used The View to slam Trump for his Muslim fear-mongering.

“After wondering about how Trump has trouble dealing with established facts, Goldberg expressed the obvious concern about how his blaming and finger-pointing at Muslims was the ‘same crap’ that Germans did when profiling Jews and other groups during WWII,” the website reported.

Donald Trump Speech Donald Trump is harsher on Muslims than Ben Carson is. [Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]Donald Trump has been on a huge anti-Muslim tirade lately and it has actually helped his position in the polls. Last night, on Bill O’Reilly’s show, Trump talked about the controversy over what he allegedly said about registering Muslims who come to the United States.

“When they come in from Syria, guests of President Obama, we shouldn’t be taking anybody because we have no idea where they came from, who they are…They have no paperwork, no way of proving their paperwork is correct.”

Trump then added that when Muslims come in from Syria, he wants them to be registered. The Atlantic said that Trump’s policy for Muslims (whether they are Syrian refugees or not) could backfire on Christians.

“One might assume that Christians of the ‘Bible-believing’ variety would be alarmed by such [anti-Muslim] rhetoric. Trump’s proposals are eerily similar to passages in the Bible’s book of Revelation, which many Christians believe predict a future apocalypse,” claims author Jonathan Merritt.

The article adds that Trump’s willingness to target particular religious communities and consider closing houses of worship is George Orwell’s nightmare. Ben Carson hasn’t been as extreme about Muslims as Donald Trump has, but Carson has been accused of fanning the flames as well. The terrorist attacks in Paris have emboldened both Trump and Carson’s views, but could backfire on them when people are less sensitive about this issue. In an era where we move from one thing to another at the speed of light, the time when we are less sensitive towards terrorism and more sensitive about tolerance could be around the time of the 2016 presidential election.

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[Photo by Jeffrey Phelps/AP Images]