Magik Now Playable In ‘Marvel Heroes,’ Thanksgiving Event Also Live Now

Marvel Heroes

As the 53rd playable hero in Marvel Heroes, Magik joins a huge roster of playable heroes, and sometimes villains, in the popular action RPG. Illyana Rasputin has three unique power trees and two available costumes for the Queen of Limbo. Her default costume is the all black Marvel NOW! suit with the armored yellow Soul Armor available separately.

Players unfamiliar with Magik, her origins, and her family tree can check out the official announcement post on the official Marvel Heroes website. As the sister of Colossus, Illyana was soon taken by a demon lord who took her to Limbo. As such, Magik has access to powerful Limbo summons, and she is masterful with her Soulsword as well as Mental damage.

“Illyana was raised in the hell dimension Limbo in order to allow Belasco the means to ascend to absolute power. Belasco’s plan ultimately relied on the corruption of the young Illyana’s soul, for each piece of her soul he corrupted, Belasco would harness its power. Ultimately resorting to teaching her the dark arts in order to complete her corruption, Illyana began executing Belasco’s downfall — invariably taking his place as the mutant ruler of Limbo.”

Within Marvel Heroes, Magik utilizes a Command bar that can be reserved for powerful abilities like summoning Limbo demons or the potent toggle of certain passives. Magik’s three power trees include Soulsword, Limbo, and Magic. Players can distribute their power points between the three in any way they see fit; however, Magik’s signature ability and her specialization choice are both located in her Magic tree.

Marvel Heroes

The patch that introduced a playable Magik today also ushered in the Thanksgiving event and a number of changes to the way defense and dodge work in Marvel Heroes. As noted in the official patch notes on the forums, the Thanksgiving event includes three simultaneous events including Cosmic Chaos, Operation Omega, and A.R.M.O.R. Incursion. Additionally, players can log in each day of the week for a Thanksgiving gift.

Defense and Dodge are seeing big changes in Marvel Heroes today, too. Overall, enemy damage has been lowered by 40 percent throughout the entire game. Dodge will now, once again, 100 percent mitigate an attack when it activates, and a new Deflect Rating is now in the game. Defection lets a character deflect 50 percent of an attack and encompasses both melee and ranged damage. Items and Omega nodes are altered to reflect these Defense and Dodge changes with more tuning likely to occur as the game progresses.

Marvel Heroes

Iron Fist and Black Cat are still expected to release as playable heroes for Marvel Heroes soon. Last month, as reported by the Inquisitr, Blade joined the lengthy list of playable characters. With Magik’s release this month, players can look forward to either Iron Fist of Black Cat, at the earliest, in December.

What seems awesome about Magik’s role in Marvel Heroes to you?

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]