Dallas Cowboys Signing Johnny Manziel Makes Sense

The Dallas Cowboys signing Johnny Manziel would make a lot of sense if you look at everyone involved.

According to ESPN, the former Texas A&M star has been benched by the Cleveland Browns after he was caught partying all weekend in Austin, Texas, during the bye week. Browns head coach Mike Pettine publicly expressed his disappointment and frustration. By demoting Manziel to third string quarterback behind new starter Josh McCown and new backup Austin Davis, Cleveland is hinting that a divorce could be happening after the season ends.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones already knew the importance of the quarterback position, but after everything that happened so far this season, the lesson is hammered home even more so than before. When franchise quarterback Tony Romo went down with a collarbone injury early on, Dallas went on a miserable seven-game losing streak while putting their hopes on Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel to be able to keep the ship afloat.

Since there is a little desperation in the air, Manziel and the Cowboys might be a perfect marriage.

Tony Romo The Dallas Cowboys signing Johnny Manziel would help alleviate some of their concerns in case Tony Romo is injured again. [ Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images ]Tony Romo Replacement

Despite all the money that they are willing to put together a team that can compete for the Super Bowl, the Cowboys have failed over the years to find a quarterback to groom behind Romo. While he is still one of the best players in the NFL now, Dallas knows that he is 35-years-old. Plus, his body has been banged over up the years after a series of injuries. The Cowboys know that Romo is not going to be around forever, so a replacement needs to be found soon.

Over the years, the Cowboys have found out how difficult it is to build depth at the quarterback position. They tried young guys like Stephen McGee and Dustin Vaughn, but things did not work out as they hoped. Dallas then decided to lean on veteran players to stand behind Romo. Kyle Orton was solid, but Weeden and Cassel failed to move the offense. None of the three guys were penciled in as long-term solutions. At 22 years of age, Manziel can be the quarterback of the future.

The thought of Romo grooming Manziel should be quite appealing to Cowboys fans who were clamoring for the team to draft him in 2014.

Stephen McGee Dallas Cowboys signing Johnny Manziel could work out better than when the team drafted Stephen McGee back in 2009. [Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]Jerry Jones Takes Risk

Anyone that has kept up with the NFL already knows that Jones is not adverse to taking risks. He’s done it for years. Cowboys used to put up with Terrell Owens for years before they finally had enough. Just this past summer, Jones brought former Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy to Dallas, despite so many pleas for the NFL to permanently ban him due to the controversial domestic abuse incident. Manziel has his issues, but if he can be a good quarterback, Jones is willing to roll the dice.

Even though so many accuse Jones of putting winning over everything else, the Cowboys owner truly believes that he can help players rehabilitate. He is also not afraid to spend valuable resources on making that happen. Jones once paid a staff to keep an eye on troubled corner back Adam “Pacman” Jones around the clock. He might need to do the same thing with Manziel, and Jones would be more than willing to sign the paychecks to keep him out of trouble.

If nothing else, the Dallas Cowboys signing Johnny Manziel would provide people with plenty to talk about.

[Featured Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]