Gwen Stefani Pregnancy Rumors Swirl — Even After Blake Shelton’s ‘Fertile’ Twitter Joke

Gwen Stefani photo

Gwen Stefani doesn’t appear to be pregnant, but still, The Voice star continues to be targeted by rumors online, which claim she could be expecting a child with new boyfriend and co-star Blake Shelton. In the latest report, shared by The Recorder Post on November 23, a title reads, “Is Gwen Stefani pregnant by Blake Shelton already?”

In addition to posing the question of Gwen Stefani’s potential pregnancy, the source also noted that the two were quite lovey-dovey at a recent event after going public with their romance in Nashville just weeks prior.

On November 4, just hours before Shelton was due to attend the Country Music Awards, Gwen Stefani’s rep confirmed their new romance with Us Weekly, claiming the two had recently begun dating after first establishing a friendship while filming episodes of The Voice. Then, later that night, after Shelton attended the show, he and Gwen Stefani were photographed holding hands in Nashville as they enjoyed a few drinks with friends.

In addition to pregnancy rumors, Gwen Stefani has also been accused of being involved in a feud with Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. On the latest cover of Life & Style, via Celebrity Dirty Laundry, a headline reads, “[Gwen Stefani] & Miranda At War Over Blake: Jealousy! Revenge! Miranda explodes in anger as [Gwen Stefani] flaunts her new romance. Now Blake’s caught in the middle.”

Over the weekend, Gwen Stefani took the stage at the American Music Awards, where she showcased her new song, “Used To Love You,” which is about the end of her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale, who is rumored to have cheated on her with the nanny. According to an Us Weekly report, Gwen Stefani came across shocking messages between her ex and nanny, Mindy Mann, on the family’s iPad, which included plans to meet up for sex. After firing Mann, Gwen Stefani confronted her then-husband about the rumored affair, but initially he denied it.

Then, months after the messages were found, Rossdale admitted to the affair, and in August, the couple’s divorce was announced.

After Shelton was noticeably absent from the American Music Awards, a source spoke out, explaining why Shelton chose not to attend the event.

On November 23, a source explained the following to Hollywood Life.

“Blake wanted [Gwen Stefani] to have her moment — have her song be sung without the AMAs cameras checking for his reaction every two seconds. It wasn’t that type of song and wasn’t that type of night. He was very proud of her, but wanted it to be her moment and didn’t wan to ruin it in any way. And she was very appreciative that he chose to do that — [Gwen Stefani] respects him even more after he showed that he isn’t selfish and just looking for his own screen time.”

Also this week, Gwen Stefani was spotted on the red carpet before filming The Voice on Monday, and while chatting alongside Adam Levine for Entertainment Tonight Online, she spoke of her love for Shelton. After Levine said that he loved Shelton, Gwen Stefani echoed the sentiment, saying, “I love you too, Blake!”

Right away, Levine was taken back by his co-star’s candidness, and jokingly explained that he was trying to protect her before she exposed her feelings toward her new relationship.

“You screwed yourself on that one!” he teased Gwen Stefani. “I protect you and you do something like that?!”

While Gwen Stefani hasn’t weighed in on the pregnancy rumors, Shelton recently joked that he was “fertile” on Twitter after a fan joked about the report.

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