Carly Simon’s New Tell-All Describes Sean Connery’s Proposed Three Way And Beatty’s Cheating

Carly Simon

Carly Simon’s new autobiography is out, and it’s full of the juicy tidbits that one would expect from a celebrity tell-all. Over the course of her career, she has crossed paths with the who’s who of the entertainment industry, and most of the stories were from the ’70s. Some of the stories are about likely suspects, and others, it is hard to imagine.

According to the Inquisitr, ahead of the release of her book, Boys In the Trees, Simon teased that at least one verse in the song “You’re so vain,” the middle verse, is indeed about Warren Beatty, but as she tells it, he thinks the whole song is about him. She also spoke of having her first sexual experience at the age of 7 with a teenage boy from her neighborhood, whom her mother soon banned from the house after she got a whiff of what was up. At the time she says she thought it was a romance, but with time, she realized that she had been molested.

Rolling Stone revealed the top ten things that one can learn about Carly Simon from reading her autobiography. The juiciest was a story involving her sister Lucy and Sean Connery, who all ended up on the same ship sailing back from London.

“Simon’s first musical success came with the Simon Sisters, a singing duo with her older sister Lucy. Traveling home from London in 1965, they discovered they were on the same ship as Sean Connery, already famous as James Bond. Carly wrote him a cheeky letter, and the three of them ended up spending most of the trip together, dining and primly reciting poetry, not treating Connery to a ‘Simon Sisters Sandwich.’ On the last night, however, Lucy successfully made her move with Connery — which Carly took as a sign that it was time to break up the sister act.”

Next was a story involving Redd Foxx and Marvin Gaye, who both hit on her when she was working the same job as a secretary on a television variety show.

“Her first day on the set, she had to go to the dressing room of comedian Redd Foxx, who promptly dropped his trademark red-fox fur coat, revealing that he was stark naked underneath. She quickly fled. Marvin Gaye, in his dressing room, was stripped only to the waist, but when he asked Simon to stick out her tongue, ‘Marvin lunged at my face, swept my tongue into his mouth, and began sucking on it. I extracted it without inflicting damage.'”

The Boston Globe reported that like her father, the Simon of Simon & Schuster, the publishing house, Carly Simon has suffered with mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Simon revealed that her father suffered with debilitating depression, and refers to her own mental health demons as “the Beast.” Simon also tells the stories of her mother’s infidelity as well as her father’s group of famous friends.

Other famous names that pop up are Cat Stevens, Mick Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, Jack Nicholson, and of course, Warren Beatty of “You’re So Vain” fame. Then there is James Taylor, her former husband with whom she shares two children, who are both singers, Sally and Ben.

The book was released today and has an accompanying CD.

Will you read Carly Simon’s new book?

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