Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods And Kings Expansion Pack Debuts

Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods and Kings, the expansion pack is officially available for Mac and PC users in North America. The long-awaited expansion pack will go on sale for international buyers on June 22.

The expansion pack comes with new gameplay content and more paths towards world domination. Gamers will also receive enhanced diplomacy and more civilizations.

For the first time since Civilization III the game pack also includes religious options which were removed when Civilization IV was released.

The expansion pack also includes various new technologies which among them are 27 new unit types, 13 new buildings and nine new “wonders of the world.”

Gamers will also find nine new civilizations that each include their own leaders and buildings and supplement roster. The expansion pack also includes two new City-State classifications.

The diplomacy aspect in Gods and Kings is more robust, featuring an embassy mechanic. As a world evolves into the Renaissance era spies can be unlocked, technology can be stolen and influence can be gathered. Users with the Steam version of Civilization V will also be given access to the Steam Workshop which includes a discovery and additional tool for modifying content and scenarios.

You can purchase the Civilization V: Campaign Edition for $40 in the Mac App Store while Gods and Kings is available as a $30 in-app purchase. You can also pick up Civilization V for $30 on the Steam platform or $50 for the Game of the Year edition while the Gods and Kings expansion pack will still run you $30 on the Steam platform.