Kaley Cuoco Covers Tattoo That Marked Wedding To Ryan Sweeting

Kaley Cuoco tattoo cover

Kaley Cuoco choose a deep and personal image to cover the upper back tattoo that had marked the date she exchanged vows with Ryan Sweeting. As she showed Instagram followers on Tuesday, the spot that had once read “December 31, 2013,” in Roman numerals, is now adorned with a winged animal with small legs. So, does it mean she’s chosen to spread her wings and fly? Sail into a new post-Ryan Sweeting era?

According to Cuoco’s caption of the photo, it’s neither, and fans shouldn’t spend too much time trying to speculate.

“[T]he deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning behind this beautiful piece of ink, is….. It covered the last one.”

At the end of September, Cuoco and Sweeting announced their intention to divorce. Although initial reports concluded the split should be easy from a legal perspective, since the couple had a prenuptial agreement, court filings revealed Sweeting was asking Cuoco for spousal support.

Sweeting is a professional tennis player whose income is assumed to be significantly less than Cuoco’s substantial paycheck for her role on The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco, now a competitive equestrian, was an amateur tennis player before she started acting. The couple married after only a very short courtship in 2013.

Kaley Cuoco covers Ryan Sweeting tattoo

When Cuoco’s back tattoo first made its debut in March of 2014, The Mirror reported that Sweeting had similar ink on his arm. At that time, only a few months into their marriage, Cuoco was happy and discussed the possibility of having children with Ryan. The couple had planned to take some time to enjoy marriage first.

Cuoco had a tip for fans who might consider making a permanent skin mark of a wedding date: don’t. At least, that’s the advice she revealed she gave herself as her back was receiving a new design.

“Thank you @nero_sct @studiocitytattoo for helping me right my wrongs. Note to self: do not mark your body with any future wedding dates. #under30mistakes #donttakeyourselftooseriouslykids.”

Notably, the Big Bang Theory star made reference to her 30th birthday, which, according to the specs on her Biography profile, is less than a week away.

Kaley Cuoco covers Ryan Sweeting tattoo

Now that she’s removed the Sweeting memory from her body, Cuoco has revealed to Entertainment Tonight what she might replace it with. She told ET at the All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday that her furry babies come first.

“Norman’s my main man. Norman’s always been my main man, and he will always continue to be. I mean, I think I’m actually going to put a tattoo of him on me. That’s how much I love him.”

Norman is just one of Cuoco’s four dogs, whom she captured in a single Instagram shot one week ago. Norman is so special to Cuoco that she named her Instagram page — @normancook — after him. “Cuoco” is the Italian word for “Cook.”

The description of her Instagram encourages fans to “adopt don’t shop,” and the actor is well-known for her commitment to animal welfare. In addition to her love for dogs, she has several horses.

Kaley Cuoco is divorcing Ryan Sweeting just as her Big Bang Theory character Penny got married to her long-time love Leonard, played by Cuoco’s once real life boyfriend Johnny Galecki. That marriage evolution continues to play out Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS.

[Main photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment]