WWE News: WWE Diva Lana Not Training To Wrestle, Huge Backstage Heat Continues To Grow

WWE News: Lana not training to wrestle

WWE Diva Lana is in quite an interesting situation today with WWE as opposed to where she was months ago. We have been hearing a lot about her since she departed from television. At one point, we heard she was training to wrestle a match with Summer Rae or a mixed tag of some sort. There were a lot of things that stopped this from happening, but it seems Lana was at the forefront of it all.

According to The Wrestling Observer, she is in hot water with management. The Observer calls it “nuclear heat” right now. In other words, she is rumored to be so disliked by management that they may be developing a slight hatred for the Blonde Russian Diva.

The thing is, this carries over into the locker room as well. Many feel that Lana sabotaged the angle with Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler. It was said that WWE was practically forcing Lana to do a match of some sort. The idea likely would have been that she would go over because she was the babyface being pushed at the time. She may also not have taken a ton of bumps and mostly been on the offensive. On top of this, fans wanted to see Lana get back at Summer for flaunting her relationship with Rusev in front of her. It made total sense to do a match of some kind. Plus it was never going to be the start of full-time wrestling for her.

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It was reported by numerous outlets that Rusev and Lana might be back for WWE RAW last night, and that was partly true. Rusev did end up appearing, but Lana did not. It was stated that she was still at the WWE Performance Center training. That was not the case as she happened to be backstage last night. On top of this, she is cleared to return to the ring and even if she wasn’t, she could talk just as easily.

Due to the heat she has on her, WWE allowed Rusev to return and had Stephanie McMahon as his mouthpiece as it appears Rusev will be helping the new-look Authority out. It should also be noted that the whole twitter war with Paige was by no means a storyline. WWE attempted to pass it off as one by covering the exchange on WWE.com, but WWE had no plans of having the two work together. This only made people even more furious with her backstage. On top of this, Lana does not want to wrestle.

This is believed because Lana apparently not only sabotaged her first potential match, but she has not been training to wrestle as originally reported. Lana was at the WWE Performance Center for the last few weeks, but she was there to accompany Rusev. She was not training to wrestle at all.

In fact, she is in so much hot water with WWE right now that she may not appear on television for a while. They are not holding Lana off of television to then have her pair up with Rusev again. Since Rusev has been added to The Authority, they do not need Lana to be present. This may lead to Lana not being featured at all. She is supposedly backstage for the WWE SmackDown taping tonight as well, and it is also doubtful she will be used there as well.

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Many were under the assumption that it was a mere accident that Lana got caught with her engagement ring and that somehow TMZ just so happened to get a picture of Lana and Rusev proudly showing themselves together. That does not appear to be the case. According to many backstage, the thought is that Lana may have been planning this all along to avoid getting in the ring. If she stopped the story on television with Summer Rae and Rusev being together, it would allow her to avoid wrestling either on her own against Summer or in a tag match with Dolph Ziggler. In other words, some believe she leaked the TMZ picture personally.

Many do not blame Summer for the ordeal, and WWE was quite happy with how she handled it all. This is why she didn’t seem to fall down the Diva’s ladder at all and ended up being paired up with Tyler Breeze shortly after. The blame also didn’t fall on Rusev either as he has been featured in a similar way he was before his latest injury.

Meanwhile, Lana may not be featured on WWE programming for a while. If she was a wrestler, they would simply have her job to everyone. However, since she is a simple mic talent, WWE may just not allow her on TV.

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