‘Young And Restless’ Star Daniel Goddard Faces Additional Surgery: What’s The Scoop?

'Young and Restless' star Daniel Goddard

The Young and the Restless star Daniel Goddard is facing another obstacle in his recovery from his broken elbow, and fans are anxious to step up and lend their support. The Y&R actor shared the latest via his Instagram, and it is clear that he is having a rough go with this injury and recovery.

The issues began in September when Daniel Goddard was filming a fight scene for The Young and the Restless. He broke his elbow during the fight filming and needed surgery. That scene recently aired on Y&R and in the scenes since then, Goddard has had a brace on his arm. He has shared quite a few updates via Instagram detailing his initial surgery and subsequent physical therapy, and it has clearly been a long road toward recovery.

Goddard’s latest Instagram post details a disappointing setback.

“I’ve been [in] a shocking amount of pain lately and unable to bend my arm… and now I know why. My body is rejecting the metal used to hold my broken elbow back together and I have now developed an infection. My doctor has scheduled immediate surgery at noon today to get the hardware out ASAP. What a complete bummer. Anyway… Just wanted to let you know what is going on…”

The actor’s Instagram post was flooded with comments from fans lending their support and prayers. Goddard also shared a photo showing how his elbow is looking right now, and it is easy to see that he is in a great deal of discomfort given this infection and hardware rejection. Luckily, Y&R fans know that they will get updates from Daniel as he is able to get back online to post more.

Goddard’s character of Cane Ashby is having a rough go of things in Genoa City these days, as well. Cane was framed as the blackmailer in Hilary’s disappearance, and he was left to die during the Newman fire. While Cane feels sure that Joe Clark is behind both of those situations and he is pushing Paul to investigate, so far there is no proof.

Cane and Lily have been struggling in their relationship for some time now, and things get even uglier this week. Joe is making sure he is right by Lily’s side at every turn, and it seems the two will end up in bed together before the week is out. Can Lily and Cane find a way back to one another?

Some had worried that Cane would be killed off in the fire, as Young and Restless spoilers had teased that there would be multiple casualties. Ultimately, that wasn’t the case, though, and Cane is still around and trying to forge ahead in Genoa City. Whether he can repair his marriage with Lily, however, remains unknown.

Y&R viewers are glad that Goddard has been able to stay on-screen throughout this medical ordeal, and it sounds as if the show did everything they could to work around his surgery and therapies. Daniel Goddard is clearly battling hard to recover fully, and it is easy to see that this has been a tiring fight these past couple of months. Even in the midst of his recovery, the Young and Restless star has always been connecting with fans and doing his best to put a positive spin on it all, and they are rooting for him to feel better soon.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]