November 24, 2015
WWE Rumors: Popular WWE Talent Has 'Nuclear Heat' Backstage — Losing Support Of Higher-Ups

One of the most popular talents in all of WWE has not been on television for some time due to injury, but it may be even longer before she comes back. Lana is said to have "nuclear heat" on her backstage right now, and it's for a variety of reasons. Lana's heat is said to be on her due to issues with Paige, a situation with Rusev, and it may lead to her not being back any time soon.

The "Ravishing Russian" has been off of WWE television since early September due to having a wrist injury that required surgery. She has been expected to be out of action for about four months, but to come back a bit earlier than that in a non-active on-screen role.

Well, the latest troubles may keep her off TV a bit longer, even though she's currently training at the WWE Performance Center.

As reported by WrestleZone, the "nuclear heat" on Lana has to do with a number of reasons. One of them is the huge online spat she had with Paige that was first thought to be blown out of proportion, but then kept on getting worse.

wwe rumors lana paige
[Image via WWE]A controversial angle took place on Monday Night RAW a couple of weeks ago, which had Paige and Charlotte advance their angle by bringing up the death of Reid Flair, Charlotte's brother. Since then, Paige started receiving a lot of heat on social media, including from Lana.

It then began a big back-and-forth between all three divas, and it led to Lana deleting her tweet about Paige. The former Divas Champion jumped all over Lana about talking crap, and then deleting it, which led to Lana saying that Paige bullied her.

As Wrestling Inc. pointed out, this led to WWE getting involved and covering the Twitter situation, but it may have been to make fans think it was all part of a storyline.

"Charlotte isn't the only Diva who took Paige's brazen comments personally during the contract signing for the Divas Title Match at Survivor Series.

"Lana, who is currently out with a wrist injury, called Paige out over Twitter Tuesday morning for disrespecting the memory of the Divas Champion's brother Reid, who passed away in 2013. The tweet that started it all has since been deleted, but it was severe enough to begin a war of words between Lana and the No. 1 contender to the Divas Championship all the same.

"The exchange veered into highly personal territory as the two continued to snipe back and forth throughout the morning until The Ravishing Russian had exhausted all her insults and abruptly ended the beef. If nothing else, Lana's got a ready-made foe for her in-ring debut."

Lana's personal barbs at Paige on Twitter did not come across as a good practice, and then it got worse. A lot of the WWE brass and talent were not happy that Lana was tweeting about backstage incidents that shouldn't be made public.

wwe rumors lana rusev heat
[Image via WWE]This whole incident with Paige only added onto the heat that Lana was already getting from Vince McMahon. She upset McMahon when she had posted photos online of her engagement ring from real-life love Rusev.

Instantly, this killed the WWE storyline of Lana and Rusev splitting up, and Dolph Ziggler being partnered with her. Sure, it's known that there are storylines, but McMahon and WWE want the talent to live it outside of the ring, as well.

Right now, Lana has this "nuclear heat" on her backstage, and it's not even known what will happen with her once she returns to WWE television. Considering she was in line for a mega-push earlier this year, things certainly have changed for the "Ravishing Russian" in just a matter of months.

[Image via WWE]