UFO Hunter Claims ‘Flying Saucer UFO’ Spotted Near Area 51 — Photo Shows Solar Mirrors, Debunkers Say

Photos of a disc-shaped object snapped by an airplane passenger in Nevada sparked excitement in the UFO community recently, with UFO bloggers declaring that we may have obtained conclusive evidence linking Area 51 military facility with top-secret engineering research involving alien UFO technology.

But skeptics dismissed the claim, saying that the photos show only solar mirrors at a solar farm in the area. However, some UFO believers have insisted that evidence suggests the object is a UFO.

An airline passenger reported capturing a series of photographs showing an object that looked like a massive flying saucer UFO parked on the ground at a location in the Nevada desert.

According to the testimony filed as case 72656 in the MUFON database, the unnamed witness was flying in a passenger plane from San Jose in California to Houston, Texas, on October 30, 2015 when he noticed bright flashes of light at a place near Luning and Gabbs in the Nevada desert.

The witness looked and soon noticed a giant disc-shaped object on the ground somewhere near Luning and Gabbs in Nevada. The disc, according to the witness, had brilliant lights and multiple orb-like lights shooting from it into the air (see image below).

Flying Saucer UFO In Nevada Desert Or Solar Mirrors?
Disc-Shaped UFO Parked On Ground In Nevada Dester, UFO Hunters Say; Solar Mirrors, Skeptics Say (Image via MUFON)

The images show the giant object that UFO bloggers say is a flying saucer UFO on the ground in the Nevada desert as seen by the witness from the air.

The witness snapped a total of six photographs of the object as his passenger plane passed overhead. According to the witness, no member of the flight crew and no other passenger in the plane appeared to notice the strange sight below.

“I was on an American Airlines flight from San Jose, Ca to Houston, TX on October 30, 2015 when I noticed a blinding bright light in the desert near Luning and Gabbs, NV,” the witness told MUFON.

“I watched the object as the plane advanced. I saw a large silver disc that appeared to be in the middle of the desert,” the witness continued. “This disc was shooting orb like lights into the air. The disc itself had multiple lights that were blinding to the eyes. I pulled out my phone and took pictures until my phone died.”

According to the witness, “The captain never said a word and the plane advanced until the object was behind the mountain range. No other passengers seem to notice the disc or comment on it. Upon my return home; I asked multiple Air Force employees if they have ever seen anything like this and all replied never. Initially I thought it was a satellite but now leaves it up to your interpretation. What the hell did I witness?”

According to the UFO blogger Scott Waring, the disc shown in the image parked on the ground in the series of photos has the appearance of a UFO constructed with advanced alien technology. The UFO blogger believes that the photos show a “cloaked” UFO parked on the ground about 140 miles from Area 51.

Witness Said The Disc Had Multiple Lights That Were Blinding To The Eyes (Image via MUFON)

The metallic UFO, according to Waring, was partially “uncloaked” at the time the witness photographed it.

“The person caught a cloaked UFO in the area,” Waring writes. “The metallic [parts] of the UFO is partly exposed and I’m sure it wasn’t for long.”

Waring notes that the UFO was “cloaked” to blend with the desert environment just as UFOs flying in the air are often “cloaked” to blend with the clouds. But the witness was able to detect the UFO on the ground because he was lucky to have been in a position where the sun reflecting on the metallic surface revealed the curvature of the disc.

“This UFO is partly cloaked to look like the surrounding area,” the UFO blogger writes. “Some cloaks make UFOs appear as clouds, others invisible, this one… is trying to blend in with the surroundings. I believe it was landed, but the suns angle caused it to be revealed since the angle of view matters to keep an object cloaked.”

However, skeptics have dismissed the claims by UFO bloggers, arguing that the object is not a flying saucer UFO but solar mirrors at a solar farm near Tonopah about 190 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Others said the solar mirrors were from the site of the Luning Solar Energy Project.

“Definitely tonopah solar project. It also ignites thousands of birds in the air.”

“OMG. It’s a Solar panel farm. Are you dumb or something?”

“It’s the Tonopah solar farm with added reflections.”

“It’s a solar farm right next to the freeway on the way to Vegas! hahaha. no UFO here people.”

Although, skeptics appear to have debunked claims that the bright disc-shaped object is a flying saucer UFO, some UFO enthusiasts continue clinging to the belief that the photos show a giant metallic flying saucer UFO. They argued that the object in the image is not the same as the solar panels at solar farm sites in the area and that the UFO may have “cloaked” itself so that people in the air would mistake it for solar panels.

Other UFO believers argued that the bright orbs shooting into the air from the disc are sparks from the advanced propulsion system of a UFO that could not have been produced by solar panels.

UFO enthusiasts also linked the alleged sighting with the USAF facility known as Area 51, a top-secret section of Edwards Air Force Base in the Nevada Test and Training Range, rumored widely in the UFO community as having been the site of top-secret research and development efforts to reverse engineer advanced alien aerospace propulsion technology.

The U.S. government acknowledged existence of the secret base and declassified top-secret documents detailing the history of the facility for the first time in July 2013, following an FOIA request filed in 2005.

According to conspiracy theorists, the site was used for research to reverse engineer an alien UFO that allegedly crashed in Roswell in 1947.

Conspiracy theorists also claim that an alien corpse and alien survivors of the crash incident were recovered from the site by military authorities who entered into a joint undertaking with the aliens to copy the exotic propulsion technology of the alien ship.

[Image via MUFON]