One Direction Beat By Justin Bieber, But It May Be Their Last Battle

One Direction on the red carpet at the 2015 AMA's

One Direction is the loser in the competition between them and Justin Bieber for the No. 1 record sales for their albums released on November 13. Despite this, Justin Bieber has only beat them in America and Australia — and One Direction shows that they are thankful, nonetheless.

However, the real darkness that may be looming is that this might be the last days of trending for Justin Bieber and One Direction, because fans may be giving up on boy bands.

About their album sales, One Direction became aware in early October that there was undefined tension between 1D and Justin Bieber, because they chose the same day to release their albums. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction members denied repeatedly that there was some sort of secret bet going on between them and Justin Bieber about whom would get the most sales.

In spite of this, around October 6 insiders stated, to Hollywood Life, the following.

“Niall and Justin are betting on whose album will have a more successful release. Niall along with the other guys, and Justin will continue to take jabs at each other for having the same release day, but for the most part they are playing it up and having fun.”

Also on October 6, the Daily Mail quoted Justin Bieber saying about the coinciding One Direction release date was that it was “a strategy” on 1D’s part. On the other hand, as the L.A. Times points out, Justin Bieber may have had the upper hand for sales because he had not put out an entire album in several years.

Whether or not there was a bet, it is clear that Justin Bieber at least won America and Australia in the sales competition. Vulture reports that in America, Justin Bieber’s Purpose was the winner over One Direction’s Made In The A.M. as far as record sales in the first week.

One Direction lost the chart battles with Justin Bieber, but won an AMA

Adding to this, Billboard reports on November 23 that in Australia, a similar pattern emerged in that country’s ARIA charts. Regardless, Billboard reports in a separate article on November 20 that One Direction is at the top of the charts in their home country of the U.K.

When asked about their album sales and what they were thankful for, One Direction members said they were “thankful” for many things — including having the No. 2 album in America last week. When prompted in a Billboard interview posted on November 23 to participate in the Thanksgiving theme of stating what you are thankful for, Liam Payne appeared to not know how to respond to the question at first.

Although Brits don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Liam Payne eventually found the words to answer the “thankful” question perfectly and was quoted as saying, “I’m just thankful for getting to be able to spend time with these guys over the past five years and all the things we’ve done.”

Liam Payne also repeatedly mentioned that he was thankful for success, his fans, the ability to spend time with his family during the One Direction 2016 hiatus, and being welcomed so heartily by American audiences.

Liam Payne also told Billboard that he was thankful for the mysterious bits that went together to make him famous — but obviously Simon Cowell may have been the magician.

Will One Direction be the last of the boy bands?

On November 18, writer Carl Wilson says the following about why Justin Bieber and the One Direction “boy” band chapter are closing.

“[T]he center of pop gravity has shifted away from boys altogether—as if girls suddenly realized they could simply cut out the middleman and move on to directly idolizing each other … If we can’t see many pop-music boy idols for current tweens, perhaps they’re looking somewhere else, for more creative interaction… more peer-to-peer feminism.”

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