Scott Stapp, Creed Singer, Reviews ‘Creed’ Movie In Hilarious Video

Singer Scott Stapp, the frontman of the rock band Creed, showed off his funny side with a spoof review of the new movie, Creed.

In the now-viral video, which is posted on the Funny or Die website, Stapp expresses his overall confusion over the Rocky spin-off film. According to his review, his initial excitement for seeing the new movie quickly faded after he realized it was not about his band, which shares the same name.

“This week, I checked out a new film called ‘Creed.’ I said to myself, ‘Finally, the epic tale of my band Creed is coming to the big screen!’ “

As the spoof review continued, Scott Stapp mentions that one of the first things that confused him was the actor that they chose to play the lead role in Creed, as well as the name they gave his character.

“The main character is played by Michael B. Jordan. Interesting choice… We don’t look much alike. And the character’s name is Creed, not Scott Stapp. Sometimes, when I walk down the street, people shout ‘What’s up, Creed?’ So I guess I get it. This movie has a lot of boxing. One time, I punched a guy from 311 but I never actually boxed.”

Stapp then explores key differences between the film Creed and his band — including several of the key factors that his band has become known for over the years.

For instance, Scott offers the “Spoiler Alert” that there are no “epic guitar solos played on a mountaintop” in the film, and “at no point does Creed sing on a steep cliff” — something that the singer claims his band does best.

The fact that Creed in the movie meets Rocky Balboa (something that the band never did) and that he performed in front of a large crowd in the boxing ring instead of at Woodstock in 1999 were two more “discrepancies” that Scott highlighted in his spoof review.

Perhaps the one highlight of the spoof review that seemed like it came from an official review of the film was when Scott gave credit to the movie’s cinematographer.

“I can’t deny cinematographer Maryse Alberti paints Philadelphia as a gritty tapestry with his flair for high-contrast lighting and… orchestrated tracking shots.”

However, Scott Stapp followed that intellectual statement by saying that he’s from Creed, not Philadelphia. Just when you think the laughs start to slow down in this viral video, Scott concludes his spoof review by announcing the name of the next film that he will review — the highly-anticipated 2016 film, Assassin’s Creed, starring Michael Fassbender.

Based on some of the comments on Twitter, Scott Stapp is not the only one that poked fun at the major differences between the story of his rock band and the story behind the Ryan Coogler-directed film.

The movie, Creed hits theaters on November 25. Chances are that neither Scott Stapp nor his band will make a cameo in the film. However, this spoof video will likely be cherished by fans of the band, as well as the film, for many years to come.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]