McDonald's Reveals How Fast Food In Advertisements Look So Yummy [Video]

James Johnson

A Big Mac from Mcdonald's looks a lot different on an order screen or TV commercial than it does when you finally take it out of the box and that's all thanks to a special team of "food artists" who work to perfect each image.

While we often don't get to see what goes into the food making process, the team at McDonald's Canada recently decided to show customers how the company's own burgers are given their delicious menu pleasing looks.

While many buyers may assume the burgers used for the advertisements are fake, the truth is McDonald's pictures use the exact same ingredients and even buns you find in your local fast food location.

So how does the magic happen? It turns out that placing the burger, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, onions and other products in just the places can highlight the burgers best features.

It probably doesn't hurt that "touch-up" specialists are available to make sure the burger is highlighted in just the right lighting with no blemishes but when all is said and done the final product is actually really close to what the perfectly cooked version of a McDonald's burger is meant to look like.

Here's the McDonald's "food artist" instructional video:

[iframe src="" width="560" height="315"]

There is a really good chance that any burger you ever purchase from McDonald's will never look as good as photos, then again a burger at McDonald's takes a few minutes to make while burger artists spend hours creating their "masterpieces" of food advertising.