'Vikings' Season 4: New Images Lead To Speculation About Ragnar Lothbrok's Fate & More

While Season 4 of History Channel's Vikings still months away, a couple of images recently popped up on official Instagram accounts that had led to speculation about the upcoming season as well as the fate of main character, Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Aussie actor, Travis Fimmel).

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains speculation about Season 4 of History Channel's Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes or would like to avoid potential spoilers.

As we saw in the Season 3 finale of Vikings, the fate of Ragnar Lothbrok was left open to interpretation. While fans saw Ragnar leaving Paris on a longship bound for his homeland, the viking leader was much weakened due to a bad fall during a battle. The history books and viking fables tell us that Ragnar's son, Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig in the TV version of Vikings) supersedes his father after his death. However, many fans are now speculating Ragnar might die in Season 4 of Vikings after an image emerged recently on History Channel's official Instagram account showing an apparently aged version of Bjorn.

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As you can see from the image above, Bjorn appears to have aged significantly due to the wiry beard flecked with grey in the photo. Along with the beard, it seems Bjorn has also opted for a different hair style since fans saw him in Season 3 of Vikings, making the viking leader-in-waiting look more like his father, Ragnar, than before.

Will Bjorn Ironside take over from his father is season 4 of Vikings?
[Image credit: History Channel]While Vikings creator and script writer, Michael Hirst, announced at the San Diego Comic Con earlier in the year there would be a time hop in Season 4 of Vikings, the time jump seems to be bigger than anticipated if this latest image of Bjorn is to be believed. As iDigitalTimes points out, Hirst told fans at Comic Con, that Vikings tells the story of not only Ragnar, but of his sons, indicating that Season 4 may move more towards Bjorn's story rather than Ragnar's.

As well as this new image of an aged Bjorn, actor Travis Fimmel, who plays Ragnar Lothbrok, may have also hinted at Ragnar's upcoming demise during the panel at San Diego Comic Con. Zap2It pointed this out in a recent article after he was asked about Ragnar's brush with death in Season 3.

"He got very close to death and becomes very intrigued by death. His fascination with death is like Odin's. Odin hanged himself to experience that feeling."
As well as the current speculation about Ragnar Lothbrok's fate in Season 4 of Vikings, actor Katheryn Winnick (who plays Ragnar's ex-wife, Lagertha) also posted an interesting picture also assumed to be from Season 4 of Vikings. The image shows Lagertha standing tall amid a room of vikings all laying down. Whether it is because the vikings are all asleep or dead is completely open to personal interpretation at this stage; especially since Katheryn Winnick labeled the image as "The best worst slumber party ever.."
The best worst slumber party ever..

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While the image doesn't show any blood, poison could potentially play a part in the scene. And, considering Princess Kwenthrith's (played by Amy Bailey) poisoned goblet in Season 3 of Vikings, could this image suggest she has been playing with poison all over again? However, it seems while there is not a huge display of blood, Lagertha is holding what appears to be a bloody knife. Could Lagertha somehow be involved if death is on the cards? Or is Lagertha simply standing in a room full of vikings sleeping off their hangovers? Only time will tell!

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Vikings returns to History Channel for Season 4 in 2016 with an extended season.

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